Buckeyes don't make 2017 CFB playoffs.

Discussion in 'Ohio Buckeyes' started by Duke0002, Dec 3, 2017.

  1. Bucks #5.

    1. Clemson

    2. Oklahoma

    3. Georgia

    4. Alabama
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  2. I 100% agree with the 4 teams chosen. ;)
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  3. I agree with Mike. Best 4 teams.

    The big loss to Iowa made the difference.

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  4. Yep can't disagree with how it worked out.
  5. I disagree. it should be confrence champs. is the sec that great? is the acc the best around? big ten? we won't know till the playoff. ohio state was not the best looking this year. but we don't know if the big ten champs can hang unless they can play. bama will not beat Georgia this year, proven by the iron bowl. I didn't want Ohio state in when they didn't win against Clemson but they did and we got smoked. just my opinion.
  6. Yep, the Iowa game punked us as well as the turnovers and missed passes that cost us a couple of TDs. Congrats Bucks on the W. On to the Cotton Bowl and a beach boys beat down.