Buck of a lifetime

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  1. Love the outdoors and was looking for recent monster buck on site and thought I’d put pic of buck I recently harvested. Still unsure of how to download pic from phone onto thread
  2. I guess unsure how to do “post” with a picture

  3. 9D74A6DE-7189-4F2B-AE17-B02274BA9969.jpeg

    Just wanted to post my buck of lifetime. Feel so blessed to have harvested this magnificent deer. Gross 218. Taken 11-11-17, Fairfield County with compound bow.
  4. Congratulations on your buck of lifetime! He's a stud, no doubt!
  5. Congratulations--amazing animal! Give us a story and some more pics.
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    That's an awesome stud there!!! Great buck!!!!
  7. I'm good friends with Kirk that came to your house and looked at your buck. He was also hunting that deer and crushed when he heard you killed it. Congrats on a stud. I hope to see him at the Expo?
  8. I understand how Kirk feels. He’s a great guy and very generous for sending me his trailcam pics of the deer. He definitely had the deer named perfectly...sky scraper.
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  9. Congrats on an amazing buck!
  10. Congrats! Great buck!!
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    Incredible deer, thanks for sharing.
  12. 56F75D4E-BEE4-4055-BA98-A575798BB07A.jpeg 0CA8A137-E7F1-4FB1-83ED-88E3A8015DBC.jpeg 0CA8A137-E7F1-4FB1-83ED-88E3A8015DBC.jpeg EFB1A6D5-F04A-4D7D-97C1-2025A74D04E7.jpeg BF0EC22E-325D-4CA2-AD95-6F99033EADCD.jpeg
    Try to keep it short. It was 19 degrees that morning and by 0830 my toes were froze. 2 doe busted me and snorted off because I was doing everything but jumping jacks to warm toes. Almost climbed down and left 3 times but I knew I needed to stay till after 1000 at least. Took my boots off, placed my hand warmers over my toes under my socks and put boots back on. That kept them warm. Not long after, watched small buck chasing a few doe 100yds or so through the woods behind me. Around 0900-0910 I looked out in front of me and saw a doe coming toward me only she had this giant buck following her. They where on small tractor path heading straight toward my tree. Could not believe my eyes. I had never seen a buck this big in the wild. They cut into this thicket approx 70yds out and I watched him chase the doe in circles. I kept seeing glimpses of his antlers as he chased. He would stop every now and then and thrash some trees. I just watched waited and prayed that doe would come down the path toward my tree. After about 10-15 minutes the doe ran out and went past me at 25 yds. I stood trying not to shake because I knew the buck would be coming. Only he didn’t come out and I wasn’t sure where he was. After 5 minutes or so I thought he was gone. I didn’t understand why he didn’t follow the doe. I thought for sure he was gone. Then I saw some movement in the thicket and saw 2 doe. They were on the trail coming toward my tree. All of a sudden they started running and a sweat drenched 6 pt buck was chasing them. I had no clue those deer were in the thicket. I also saw the huge buck again but he didn’t run out. Now the little buck and doe’s were within 10 yds of my tree just standing there looking at each other. I stood there froze and waited on the huge buck. He finally came out but was on the trail the first doe took at 25 yds. I bleated, he stopped and I took the shot. Waited an hour. Found him less than 150 yds. That’s when the real shaking started.
    Another hunter named Kirk graciously gave me a trail cam pic of this deer he got a few weeks earlier.
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  13. Wow!! Looks like he is going to tip over and has his legs spread apart to stabilize himself!
  14. That my friend is a beautiful buck...congrats!!
  15. That's an amazing deer congratulations.
  16. Good shooting. With the cold and that action I would have been shaking like a leaf! I love that area of the state.