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Brush Creek Wildlife Area

Discussion in 'Ohio Bowhunting' started by Limbhanger, Sep 15, 2012.

  1. Does anyone bowhunt or gun hunt deer in the Brush Creek Wildlife Area?

    I hunt turkey's in this area every year, and have considered bowhunting it, although while turkey hunting I never really run across that much deer sign? I realize Spring isn't a good indicator, but not sure of the deer there? As I also see very few while Turkey hunting, and never came across 1 shed in all the miles I put on there over the years?

    Any opinions? Do they take any good bucks in this area? I would amagine surrounding Private areas are good, but just speaking of the Public Area there? Thanks
  2. Have in the past, there are some bruisers there

  3. I have not hunted it myself, but I know some friends that have hunted it during gun season, and have seen deer. They have told me it had a lot of pressure during gun season though, not sure about archery season. I have heard about some monster bucks coming out of that area during the rut though. You might want to look at Highlandtown Wildlife area instead, seems more managed for deer, with food plots and such.
  4. Gun yes, archery no, but its a big area better scout it
  5. Drove thru there on the gun opener last year it was packed.
  6. i live right up the road from it and just like Shawnee the place gets jam packed with the orange army. not hunted it but talked to many who have and it can be quality bow hunting if you want to put the time in. just like Shawnee im sure there is a chance to pull a great deer outta there and who knows even a booner. i know they are runnin around in there. id say if you could put some good scouting in and didnt mind luggin a climber around you could have a legit shot at seeing or killin a good deer.
  7. If you are from Adams, must be another Brush Creek Wildlife Area? This area is in Jeffeson Co.

    I know looking out over the hills in Brush Creek towards Bergholtz, it has the be some good deer area? A very vast wooded area with farms, but like any other Wildlife Area, surrounding areas seem to support the deer, while most Wildlife Areas lack them? I'm guessing the Rut could produce some good ones on the Wildlife Area, because of surrounding areas? Where early season, might not be that great there?
  8. The one I hunt is close to rarden <sp?
  9. The one in Adams is a state forest.

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  10. Hunting there is not what it used to be!! It's over run with out of's steep and there really are limited deer to speak of..
  11. There are tons of deer in Brush Creek in Jefferson County. and some real monsters.

    For one thing, you need good maps(public and Topo) to know where all the public hunting sections are.
    And your going to need help to get a deer out of there. Some of the valleys have a 400' vertical drop.
    Certain places do "look" crowded with cars but most hunters will be less than 100 yards into the woods where the few level areas are. The creek down in the bottom at times is too deep to wade across so the southern side may have near zero hunters.
    On wed thur friday of gun season, there are not enough hunters to keep the deer moving on the public area.

    I drive past Brush Creek on SR 164 to get to private land south of Bergholtz. There are "millions of deer" between Salineville and Bergholtz.

    Highlandtown is good area to bowhunt before gun season, but once pheasant season opens, the deer vacate the area for the private land nearby.
  12. Yea, i would not hunt Highlandtown once pheasant season opens, it gets hit hard by small game hunters. I made a mistake and hunted there for pheasant on opening day, never again, constant lead shot raining down on you all day long.:yikes:
  13. Actually, bowhunt deer the first day of bunny and pheasant season at Highlandtown. the bird hunter mutts will run the bucks right past you. Years ago, I would hunt there and take out a limit of cockbirds on the first day with arrows.