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Discussion in 'Cleveland Browns' started by coonskinner, Sep 9, 2012.

  1. dang i'm wondering why colt mccoy wasnt brought in 2nd half...i mean cmon weeden was awful...i'm wonderin if he should even be a pro...and mccoy...if hes that bad...why is he a pro...that was a big let down for a defense that played one heck of a game...they did everythang to win the game then weeden did everythang to un do what they did...and what was the coach doing when vick fumbled just short of the 1st down bringing up 4th...everybuddy knows theyre going for it but is a couple inches worth a final time out with philly only down 6 and in scoring position...perhaps the browns coach was slick and resting the defense ...i can see shoulda won that one...and the early christmas present interception muffed in the end zone that woulda kept :Dphilly from getting a chance to win it...ugggggg...dang...:D
  2. CritterGitter

    CritterGitter Staff Member Super Mod Mod

    That was one of the ugliest football games I have ever seen. The Browns offense was pathetic! I could see NO halftime adjustments. I am sickened by this sorry sack of loafers for coaches. Shurmur is a first class idiot. So, is Holmgren for drafting making the call to draft Weeden.

    They could have just drafted WR Stephen Hill and had Colt throwing him TD's today. Instead that guy caught 2 TD's for the Jets.

    Oline and WR were the biggest weaknesses of this team/offense last year. They did NOT need to draft a QB in the first round. Weeden telegraphed EVERY single one of this throws today.

    I do feel bad for that defense. They played their hearts out and the offense blew it.

  3. not sure what the problem is but cincy and cleveland has been thru a lot of qbs in the last 10-15 seems they get these highly touted individuals and theyre duds...maybe weeden will pan out but any quarterback shoulda been yanked with a perfomance like dint seem like there was a terrible pass rush on him...uhhh i must say i wont discredit the eagles d either...i dont think they done him a favor by leaving him in the whole game,maybe being yanked might light a fire under him...:biggrin:
  4. What to say that hasn't already? Defense looked really tough today, just like the old days...
  5. Looks like another long year if the offense can't get it going
  6. I am not a huge browns fan..But I do like McCoy(im a longhorn) and wonder *** they was thinking:confused:
  7. Deehntr56

    Deehntr56 Staff Member Mod

    Makes my decision on not continuing to buy season tickets(after modell moved the team) the $2,000 PSL- and $8.00 beers at every home game look very good today!!!:biggrin::biggrin:
  8. Another draft wasted by the Browns....tough to watch :thumbs_down: