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Bragging rights and Catch and release

Discussion in 'Ohio Catfish Anglers' started by flathunter, Dec 20, 2002.

  1. I know most of the Catfishermen on this forum right now..And I think most of us have one thing in common..We like to catch a bigger Cat than the next guy, and release these fish to fight agin.....It is up to us, Catfishing is growing in leaps and bounds.

    Catch and Release of trophy Cats, and Selective harvest of Smaller cats will insure the fishery for the future.

    Personally All of my Catfish, Flatheads and Channel are released.
  2. I allways c&r my cats, even the small ones cuz I don't catch the big ones.. I only eat about 5 or 6 fish a year and that is saugeye, well this year is the only year I have kept any fish. YOu are right, selctive harvest is the way to go. Great post!


  3. AMEN Jack

    I catch & release all BUT i would be all for atleast selective harvest of smaller fish..just leave the breeders!!
  4. that true ??

    I didn't realize that it was so competative.....
    Actually I would respectably dissagree, I know of a few guys who just like to put others on nice fish from time to time. I know I've heard Doc say that when I've fished with him( "Just makes me happy to see you catch fish" and he meant it- had a big grin & all), and your buddy likes to take his friends from work to catch quality fish. I have to admit, I have a running " tonge-in-cheek" joke that you're not supposed to catch a bigger fish than I do in my boat. It's still a kick to see a big fish, whether on my rod or theirs, but I definitely prefer them to be on MINE !! Quite honestly, the big 62# blue was a group effort between Dave & I . We knew the area held giants, and we were targeting them. He's using IR430 reels with 50# test, I'm running 25# on 2 ( 7000C4) and 30# on the CT700 all the rods are heavy rated.
    See, I won't even post a picture, I bet you thought I would *LOL* But you can go to In-Fisherman gallery and see it !!:D :eek: :eek: :eek:
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  5. I have to agree with ya jim

    (i hate to ya, but i will)
    I got a very big kick out of introducing a few new guys to this wonderful sport...i not only helped light the fire in them, but helped put them on fish that they will remember for a long while(well until the next bg one is caught).

    I would have say that my biggest pleasure so far in my short fishing adventures is teaching my two boys the joy i get from fishing....they both took to wadin the creeks for smallies like little "maniac's" and they did very well for thier first year.(Tylers biggest was 18-18.5")
    Next season im getting them those little neo waders and going to try to get them on Wb's in the spring...and maybe a few short night trips to put some flatheads on the bank in front of them..if i can get that spark to take off..i'll have very close fishing buddys the rest of my life!
    If anyone is interested in checking out my boys wadin trip pics. check out the Smallie Chasers site in my signature.
  6. I do practice catch and release on larger fish, but like to take a few smaller ones home to eat. ;)
  7. Hey

    The guys I take fishing catch bigger fish than the guys you take fishing:D :rolleyes: :D ;) :) :p :D


    I am even learning to get good pictures for them as added inducement for them to release the big fish:D


    I am trying to teach people good techniques and tactics and explaining why the fish are where they are and what motivates them to bite. Hopefully this will help them to be successful as they go hunting for big fish in other waters. I stress care of the fish and the wisdom of releasing these huge fish to grow, spawn, and hopefully to thrill another catman.