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Bowhunt big boys 20 minutes from Cleveland

Discussion in 'Land Sale - Buy - Lease' started by, Sep 6, 2012.

  1. Fellow deer hunters--hunt trophy whitetails only 20 minutes from downtown Cleveland on your own Brecksville property. Our house is for sale. We have not yet called a realestate agent. If you know a good one in this region that can help we would greatly appreciate it. If you are interested in this authentic 1913 Craftsman home, with your own private hunting land please contact me.
  2. any pics? How much acreage? Cost?

    I got a lot of family in the area might be interested.

  3. House details--

    The house will sell for about $320K--it sold about ten years ago for $425K and before the market slipped it was was appraised a few years ago at approx. $500K. It abuts and overlooks 33,000 mostly wooded acres of the Cuyahoga National Park that will never be developed. It is in a small homeowners association with a 150 acres of woodland that will never be developed, and the house itself comes with about 2-3 acres. Bow hunting permission is granted by the town of Brecksville.
    We are at the top of a ridge-- many deer---and a remarkable number of very nice bucks. We hear coyotes, see owls, fox, turkey and lots of smaller animals--plus the other night I swear I heard a bobcat letting loose for about 10 minutes. In other words--pretty thick woods for being only 20 minutes to downtown Cleveland.
    If someone is seriously interested email me at and I will send photos.
  4. Big boy from last year

    Last years deer-- he was a big boy--thick, grey beard. Should have had it mounted but I've done the skull mounts for years. This one will get a shot of bleach and some sun before going on the wall.

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