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Bowfishing section or sub forum

Discussion in 'Ohio Bowfishing' started by Caribou Dreamer2, Jan 5, 2003.

  1. With spring coming in two to three months the carp will be up and running and so will be the bowfishing season,How many bowfishing nuts are out here on the sight.We need to get some good response to this subject to get a bowfishing section added so lets here it guys.

    As for the season i'm getting ready for spring to get here bow is ready need new string arrows ready boat needs unwinterized but ready to roll.Come on spring:D
  2. When they run is it good fishing for them or no? Also, how well do carp bite in the winter?

  3. I'm a bowfishing nut. I just love to bowfish carp, gar, suckers. If some one wants to go out with me just drop me a line. It would be great for a forum to start about bowfishing, along with carp angling. ;)
  4. Desperado we will hook up this spring and try our luck keep in touch
  5. Great!! Ive been wanting to go up and try Sandusky bay. I hear there is lots of 20 and 30 lb. carp there.;)
  6. Sounds great i have been wanting to get into some 30's my self ,Just get some directions and maybe some saturday or sunday when it gets warm and the spawn hits we all can head up that way to see what we can get into.I hang out at Indian lake and the miami river alot of fish but mainly in the 10 to 15lbs range need some big one also would like to get into some gar you know of any good holes for gar?
  7. I found a few good places for gar. I only bowfished up at Indian once. Got lost back in the catacomb and was lost for a few hours. I'll come up that way and you can show me around the lake. Do you have a boat?
  8. Yes 14 ft alum boat rigged and ready to rock,We built two platforms on the front and rear to make it easy to stand and shoot off,We named her the carp buster.We do all of our shooting during the day light hours so no lights on the boat.Have not tried any night shooting yet but people say thats the best time.Will work on lights this spring and maybe try some night shooting.I know what you mean about the area you are talking about it can get confusing if your not used to it.
  9. I have a 16 ft Lowe Jon Boat. I have a trolling motor on the front and bowfish by myself most of the time. I have the deck that was on it, also a floor put in it the full length of the boat from the factory. The name of my boat is Mud Shark. I can give you my number if you want to call and we can stay in touch before season. Or even get together and work on the boats and talk bowfishing.
  10. Hey Clarence, this is Brent. I shot at the Buckeye classic last year. I don't remember if I met you or not. Anyways, if you (or Caribou) want to shoot the bay, give me a holler.

    I sold my bowfishing rig last summer, but before I did I spent a lot of hours exploring the bay. There are some monsters in there, that's for sure. It's a big place and can take a few trips to find out what's what-so if you make it up this way let me know. I'd be glad to show ya some good back bays.
  11. Welcome to the site!!!!
    Cool, I will contact you for sure. E-mail me your number so I can call you. ;)
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  12. That really sounds great here to i have another buddy that likes to shoot too, we all can drag the boats up and see what we can get into ,with some help we might be able to get into those biggens.:D
    Look ma will be in touch: Thanks for the offer
  13. what is this a BOWFISHIN thread and iwant aint leavin me out of the fun. 30 lbs plus now thats what im lookin and a buddy shoot up at the lake all summer long.but you got to watch out for that CARIBOU guy he likes to take the big ones and leave me the little ones:D .man what i would do to get into some big boys.
  14. We'll get together and stick some hogs!! Maybe make our own little tournament. Sitting around the house and not going bowfishing is driving me crazy!!!:cool:
  15. Not me ,If i remember right you had the big fish this summer 17lbs and some odd ounces(15 i think).I got you last year, but look out i'm on it this summer got me some new Bill Dances and i'm ready to rock:D
    Welcome aboard there q2xl to the new bowfishing section
  16. I like to bowfish a lot too. Buckeye lake is good in central OH. I usually go to Hoover or Alum since they are close to home. I usually go to a tournament in Michigan every year at Saginaw Bay. That place will spoil you. You can easily shoot between 1500 and 2000 lbs. of carp on a good weekend there (2 man team) It usually takes between 2000 and 4000 lbs to win the tournament though.
  17. I'm with you on that desperado bow hunting is about over and it time to get started bowfishing. The river is looking good up here all flood out hmmmmm.
    Hay i have a question how did you do you bow light if you have some on your boat.Did you hook all them up to one switch then to a battery or are you running a generator on board.just wonder getting my inventory ready for repairs and new toys
  18. Arrow1, I bowfish Hoover, Buckeye and Alum Creek pretty often. Where are you located? I didn't see it in your profile.:)
  19. Steve

    Steve Staff Member Admin Mod

    You asked for it, you got it. It's a sub-forum under warm water fishing.
  20. Man 4000lbs of carp in two days that sounds like a lot of fish it also sounds like fun, man your should would be killing after that many shots ,thats like 400 10 pounders or 200 20 pounders.When is this tournament

    Welcome aboard arrow1