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Bowfishing reels

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Ok it time to move from the hand crank barrel wheel to the new age reels,Which one would be best for a compound bow at 60lbs,I was looking at the cabelas brand that has the white barrel that you line goes down into not sure what the brand name was dont have the mag right here with me,And also was looking at the mini rods that screw into the stabilizer hole then you mount a fishing reel on it which would be best.I'm tired of walking that paths then finding half my string behind me if you know what i mean.any suggestion would be helpful.leaning more for the rod and reel but can you get enough line and heavy line on them to do the job? Thanks,Also can someone post sullies web page can't seem to get it in
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Thanks guy for the info will check into it.
Thanks jake i will be looking at the cabelas brand is the type you are saying soak the line down.
Just look at cabelas and they want 59.99 for the regular retriever but i can get a slotted one from sully's for 60.00.Which one would you guys get.Also how much line does these retrievers hold.I like the new orange and green string from sullys but it only comes in 25 yards .I dont think that would be enough line?
Thanks will look into the planer string,I like the bright colar strings so i can see it.
1 - 5 of 15 Posts
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