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Bowfishing reels

Discussion in 'Ohio Bowfishing' started by Caribou Dreamer2, Jan 9, 2003.

  1. Ok it time to move from the hand crank barrel wheel to the new age reels,Which one would be best for a compound bow at 60lbs,I was looking at the cabelas brand that has the white barrel that you line goes down into not sure what the brand name was dont have the mag right here with me,And also was looking at the mini rods that screw into the stabilizer hole then you mount a fishing reel on it which would be best.I'm tired of walking that paths then finding half my string behind me if you know what i mean.any suggestion would be helpful.leaning more for the rod and reel but can you get enough line and heavy line on them to do the job? Thanks,Also can someone post sullies web page can't seem to get it in
  2. bow fishing reels

    i have never used one of the reels you are talking about, i got in to the sport about a year ago, what i started with is one of those reel seat pole like you are talking about ,and the reel i use is a synergysteel tytanium push buton, its made by shakespear, it is just a big cat fish reel with a bait clicker. it holds about 50 yards of 150lb dacron line.i honestly have no complaints about it .i have shot close to 200 fish with it and shot my first big grassy which was 30lbs. it handled that fish real well and the other plus i see in it is you can set the drag where u want it, that reeel cost around 25.00 and you can get it at wall mart or k mart and meijers. sullys web add is www.sullysbowfishing. com. phone 1800442-759
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  3. I have always used a retriever reel. I'm going to try using an 808 on my recurves this year. Never had a problem with the retrievers ,just want to try something new.;)
  4. That reel that holds 50 yards of 150lb dacron does not sound too bad but the "Retriever" bowfishing reel is considered "the" reel for bowfishing. One problem I use to have with the spin cast reels like the 808 was that the line would bind up inside them sometimes and impair the arrow flight. The Retriever reel stores the line in a plastic bottle and when you shoot, it peels out of the bottle with almost zero drag. It also uses the sight bracket holes on your bow so you do not need a reel seat or rod to mount it.
  5. I used the Retrievers for 10 yrs but the last couple yrs I've went to shooting spincast just because you can put 3 times the fish in the boat with a spincast and you don't have to worry bout hand fighting the fish...You can put 35 yds of 200# Fast Flight line on the 888's, 808's, and Synergy 4002's which is plenty for anything in Ohio. The only time retriever really shines above a spincast is when using a slotted model when shootin 100# plus gar, sharks, and stingrays when you need to be able to jug'em.....
    PS... the way to keep the line from binding in the reel is to soak the line with silicon lubricant......
  6. Thanks jake i will be looking at the cabelas brand is the type you are saying soak the line down.
  7. Just look at cabelas and they want 59.99 for the regular retriever but i can get a slotted one from sully's for 60.00.Which one would you guys get.Also how much line does these retrievers hold.I like the new orange and green string from sullys but it only comes in 25 yards .I dont think that would be enough line?
  8. They must have raised the line capacity on the 808's. I have not owned one of those for many years.

    Carpn-Jake, you made a good point about the fact that with a Retriever you have to bring the line in hand over hand when you have a fish on. I suppose if you used a spin cast reel with the rod you could just wind them in. Personally, I like pulling in those big ones by hand. One other advantage the Retriever has over the spin cast is you never have to worry about pushing the button on the Retriever. I have seen some bad things happen when you forget to push the button before shooting the spin cast reels.

    Caribou, I use planer board line to refill my Retriever. It works well with the pinch roller system on the Retriever reel. It also comes in those bright colors you like and it comes in big spools. I use the 130lb test. I think it comes in 200lb test too though. Any good outdoor store sells it.
  9. Thanks will look into the planer string,I like the bright colar strings so i can see it.
  10. BOU DREAMER...I'd suggest that you get a unslotted one unless you expect to be running into situations where you will need to be jugging fish alot...if so please take me to your you expect to be shooting carp and other rough fish in Ohio then go with the un-slotted version......
    Good tip on remembering to push the button...What I do is reel up all the slack when i knock my arrow and then push the button. That way when I draw if my button isn't pushed then the arrows pulls off the string as I draw....
    ...Another advantage to a spincast is that with the gearing of the reel you canget a arrow in after missing 3 times as fast as with the 1:1 gear ratio of a retriever...
    I guess it really all comes down to what you prefer.....
  11. thanks for the tip carpn-jake.when we find a spot for usin jugs will let you know
  12. if you guys want to try out a retriever on a bow before you buy one . We can go out and shoot some this year. If some one has a 808 system , I would like to go try it out to see if i like it before I go out and buy a set up.;)
  13. i use an old recurve 40# and up and a old fred bear wind the line around fishing reel with about 8o# braided line.traditional set-up you might say.
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