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Bowfishing Club....

Discussion in 'Ohio Bowfishing' started by Ðe§perado™, Jan 7, 2003.

  1. What are your thought on starting a bowfishing club here in Ohio? The states around us have one and why shouldn't we have one. I was trying to get one going before the Buckeye Classic , but not sure what happened. What do you guys think?:)
  2. i would not mind being part of a club , i dont know much about them, or what i could do to help but it sounds like a good idea

  3. I'm hoping to spark some interest. I know some local shops that just might help us out if we get enough interest.;)
  4. Desperado

    I would be interested it sounds like fun and always wanted to try it. :)
  5. Steve

    Steve Staff Member Admin Mod

    Feel free to use our forum and calendar to organize it.
  6. That sounds great let me know what it all involves and what has to be done to join but count me in, i also have a buddy that will join also
  7. oh yea count me in .lets get this thing a rollin
  8. hey clarence just like everything else.people talk alot about getting something started but that is about as far as it goes!are we going to have another shoot this year? mark and i have been kicking around some ideas? if we are going to have one we should start thinking about where and what kind of format?
  9. I'm game as far as a club goes. I really enjoyed the Buckeye Classic last year, hopefully it gets off the ground this year. I thought it had a good turn out for being a first year tourney. I would like to see it just a little earlier in the year-but it's not that big a deal if it isn't. The big 15 format was also nice-a lot easier transporting 15 fish rather than a few dozen or hundred!
  10. anyone that shot in the buckeye classic let us know if you are interested in having the tourney again this year? and if everyone liked the big 15 format?? the idea of getting a club off the ground is to organize and and increase the interest in the sport. one of the ways this accomplished is by having "club shoots" these are designed to be FUN! getting together to meet other guys and check out other peoples rigs and gear and for new people to learn things to make them a better bowfisherman.the idea here is for it to be fun. whit-1 and desperado and myself would love to put the tourney on again if there is interest
  11. I liked the format.....With a big 15 forat it made it possible for anyone to win..not just the guys with the big boats...
    Also, I'm up for some sorta state club....I'm just not sure how we could get it to work...Its a great idea but with all of us spread across the state it'd be really hard for everyone to meet up....I'm also curious how amny of ya'll are memebers of the BAA...For those that aren't familier the Bowfishing Association of America is pretty much the only national organization that is dedicated to bowfishing.
  12. I would love to have another tournament , but this time keep it in a general area and not state wide or across lines. Maybe pick a section of the state at a time and everyone has to stay in that area. But I wanted to get the list of guys that was in the last shoot so I can try to contact them too. We need to at least keep trying to get things going then just sit back on our hands and say we are going to do this . I want this to happen and It will if we don't give up.
  13. sounds great about picking a lake or general area and staying in that area,I did not make last years tournament but i am going to make some this year.i really like to mich one.
  14. I really liked the fact that we could go wherever last year to get our fish. I would like to see it stay in Ohio, but not really in a given section of the state. That would give too much advantage to the 'locals' who may know the area better than others. It gives everyone a fair chance I think. Plus if guys w/o boats want to compete, they can.

    As far as getting it organized, what do we need to do? What about having a sanctioned shoot with the BAA? What is involved in that? I think if we can get this thing rolling now it could be very big this year. Another thing that would draw people is the money. Didn't the winner last year recieve $450 or so? Advertise that and it would get a few peoples attention. Just my thoughts.
  15. Having the tournaments in different areas on the state will give the locals a better chance. But when the next one comes in another area, they don't have the uppr hand. But keeping it in the state of ohio would be better. I'm going to check with some shops to see what they would like to do this year for a tournament. I'm going to be looking for a partner this year since I didn't have one last year. I like the format of 10 fish and would like to pick 5 lakes in a given area. Then the next tournament in a different area. Like cutting the state up into four sections. each corner being a section. Please send me your e-mail addresses if you really want to help out and I will see what you can do in your area and we will get this thing going.;)
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  16. I like the idea of having one big shoot in a central location of the state and letting folks go where they want...I think you'll get a better turnout that way, otherwise alot of guys will just wait for the shoot to come to their area and you'll end up having 4 shoots with 4 teams per shoot instead of one big one....I know if the tournys are broke up into small shoots I'll have a hard time makin em....
  17. That's a good point Jake. But having it move around could draw in more members. Most guys don't want to travel that far to shoot since some don't have boats. But having a central shoot is good , just need to organize it. But we can't have people come from out of state to an Buckeye shoot and not get the fish in the state of ohio. But travel out of state to get them and bring them here. C'mon that is why the rules of having it down to a few lakes in different sections. But will look at all the options. ;)
  18. I agree that the shoot should be held to Ohio, no doubt there...and I agree also that having small shoots would definetly draw more members for a club....I guess I was just looking for a way to get maximum turnout for the Big state shoot so it could actually be more competitive and attract some of the big shooters from other states...
  19. I see your point about bringing in the big shooters for the tournaments. But I feel as some of the shooters I spoke to we should have different classes. For your skill level. Pros, and amateurs. But will need to see what everyone wants to do. But as we get the tournaments started we can get more input for the guys about what they want to do in a tournament.