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Discussion in 'Ohio Bowfishing' started by Ðe§perado™, Dec 15, 2002.

  1. Good question!

    I have never done it, but have always wondered about it.

    What do we need to start out other than the obvious?

  2. For people that want to try it. I have the equipment and the boat. It does help if you have shot a bow before, it saves your arm.
  3. Lance

    Lance Super Mod Mod

    Bows for carp

    On occasion, I try to get out once or twice a year just keep my judgment on the water refraction intact.
  4. oh no,desperado

    are you going for a replay:eek: :D ;) if i feel up to it this year,i might let you give me a refresher course.been a lot of years since i've had a bow in my hands,and even more since i've looked down the shaft at something besides a deer or a squirrel.
  5. I really enjoy bowfishing, but I have no good place to utilize
    the carp I shoot. If anyone knows of a good use for them,
    I'd love to shoot more.
  6. find a carpeater.where are you planning on going?i have no problemo getting rid of carp at hoover res.
  7. True George. The people around Hoover just love it when you get them some fish. I just let some of the people know what I'm doing and they will hang around until you return... LOL :D ;)
  8. I used to shoot lots of carp in bays of Lake Erie, up around Marblehead. I'd get 10 or so fish, then just have to dig a hole and bury them. You dont need a boat, just a pair of waders.
  9. Most of us wade and use a boat to get them. But check around to see if people want the fish for there gardens or to eat. ;)
  10. mm...can't you find a carp eater?seems a waste,but i have given them to people for the garden if i can't find a carp eater.also raccoons are carpeaters too,they just love filleted carps.
  11. Desperado, I will be as soon as we go!
  12. I can't wait. Do you have a recurve you can practice with?
  13. If you do, start going out with some fiberglass arrows with tips (Can get one at any good sproting goods store)and practice shooting at two liter bottles in the yard. I started my son out by putting him on the porch and throwing out two liter bottles and he would shoot them and reel them in(if you don't have a reel just shoot and go get them). Then moving into the boat, it took him a while to learn about water refraction. The carp is always lower in the water them he appears. Always shoot at him like your trying to shoot under him and you will start hitting them. After a while it becomes second nature. Practice before hand and you will hit some and not become discouraged. You will miss more fish then you hit. You will get better at it. I don't get every fish i shoot at and either does other bowfisherman. Just fun to be out there and having a good time.;)
  14. carp ain't that hard...when i first started there would be so many wiggling around and on my feet in 1" of water .something i didn't put a arrow thru muh foot. then i got more challenging at 5',then that was too easy and...10,midstream,movers and opposite bank shots on lil alum creek do ok,then make it more challenging before you shoot your foot.
  15. A nerf football works great in the water good practice,but just go out and try it is fun.
  16. Never thought about using a nerf football. Good Idea.