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Bow Repair Shop - Cleveland Area

Discussion in 'Ohio Bowhunting' started by PeteM, Aug 29, 2012.

  1. Can anyone recommend a good bow repair shop? I am located just south of Cleveland and would like to find a quality place to have some repairs and tuning done.
  2. I have been very happy with the service/price and the knowledge of the folks at Fin Fur and Feather in Middleburg Heights,,,their is also one in Canton. If you go to Fin Fur and Feather try to avoid peak hours, they can get pretty busy.
    A little bit of a further drive in Salem Ohio is The Broken Arrow..they are also very good.

  3. Thanks, I will give FFF a try.
  4. Don't bother.. I live down the street from that place. The overall ability of that place in the archery dept sucks.. Send me a pm and I'll give you a phone number of a guy who has a small bow shop in the Ashland area. I took a bow in the Fin a few years ago and got it back with the string cut. It was a brand new Winner's Choice string also and all they had to do was put a peep in it and that is how I got it back. I have a apple press now and do my own stuff. I would not want to see anyone go through what I did..

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  5. Schu72

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    I have had my bow originally set up and tuned at Geagua Bow in Middlefield.
  6. I have used great lakes outdoor supply in middlefield , they have a killer store, an awesome archery department , and reasonable prices
  7. I also suggest Great Lakes in Middlefield. The archery guys are very knowledgeable and helpful.
  8. Steve Wagner, Wagner Archery. He is the nicest, most generous, honest fellah you would care to meet. He is an independent businessman and can do most everything, he can even build you a custom stickbow and they are beautiful.