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Bought a few guns

Discussion in 'Reloading, Target Shooting, and Firearms' started by BuckSlayer, Sep 4, 2012.

  1. I recently came into ownership of an ithaca m-66 20 gauge single shot and a winchester 37a 16 gauge. Both are in great condition and I cant wait to try em out on some rabbits. Does anyone have either of these guns and feel like giving opinions on the quality? Also any idea on their value? I feel I got a decent price on them but not really sure.
  2. I own a m66 ithica super single 20ga myself but mine is missing the front bead

  3. I looked at a couple of sites about the Ithaca 66. Depending on the model and condition, any where from $160 to $300.

  4. The winchester 37's are usually priced way higher at auctions or gun shows, than say a stevens, why? just because of the name winchester. Some people will pay $300 for certain ones in great condition.
    The Ithaca is unique with the lever action. but probably worth half or less. 5 years ago they were worth $35 to $50. Today though, gun prices are crazy and overpriced guns do not sell.
  5. Both are good guns. The 37A is the newer, cheaper version of the 37. I had a 37A in 28 gage a long time ago. I sold it over 20 years ago when I picked up a new 28 gage Wingmaster.

    I had an Ithaca 66 in 12 gage. I had the choke cut off and barrel cut back to 24 inches and had Williams rifle sights installed for a cool looking slug gun. It shot Winchester Foster slugs quite well. Recoil was stiff. It was traded for a really clean Revelation single shot 20 gage.
  6. I plan on keeping both guns, I heard the Ithaca shot slugs well, Im going to have to give it a try.