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Bono, OH Fishing Report 9/13

Discussion in 'Northwest Ohio fishing report' started by rockinmichigan, Sep 16, 2012.

  1. I went back to Metzger's Marsh in Bono, OH Thursday morning for the second day in a row. I figured the biting would be much the same as Wednesday morning and early afternoon was. To start, it wasn't for the most part.
    I got there about 8:15AM after making a couple stops and getting some minnows on the way there. The biting was few and far between the spot I was at, which was about 30 or so feet further down the end of the pier where I was on Wednesday. I used a minnow under about a foot and a half below a bobber and my medium action pole cast out about 25 yards with a minnow.
    What bites I was getting were very, VERY light. A guy fishing with his two daughters caught a gobie before leaving around 10AM or so. They were using waxworms and panfish worms. By this time I tried nighcrawlers cast out about 25 yards on my heavy action, my ultra light pole with waxworms, and still all the same-very light bites that would strip you of your bait.
    About 11AM or so a woman who regularly fishes the pier that I saw the day prior suggested I tried closer to the bend of the pier where she usually fishes and try my luck there, so I took her suggestion and figured I'd give it a try because it was either that or call it a day.
    Once there I was fishing the other side of the pier from her, with her using minnows. She was going straight down with one pole and cast out about 20-25 yards out. I decided to try minnows about 40 yards out on my heavy action, but once I caught a boat on that I decided to go with my medium action with minnows out about 20 yards.
    While re-rigging my heavy action pole I did have a heavy strike on the medium action, but I wasn't able to bring it in. I'm figuring it to be a sheephead the way it was rocking my pole off my tackle box I was using as a prop, but it very well have been a carp or even catfish.
    I decided to keep the medium action cast out and try my waxworms and ultralight combo around 1PM since the minnows under a bobber at this spot wasn't getting much action. I think I'm having this place figured out, because I was killing the bluegills at that spot. When the dust settled and the smoke cleared, I ran through about 2 dozen bluegills, and caught about 25-30 bluegills. I'd love to tell you an exact amount, but honestly I lost track after a caught the first dozen or so.
    Not only were they bluegills, but most of them were NICE gillies! Let's put it this way, I kept more then I threw back and the size of my hand if not bigger. I took home about 18 bluegills, and when I called it a day about 3:45PM they were still biting. Only reason I left when I did was because I knew I had a mess o' gills to clean and almost 40 minute drive home and do a few other things around the ol' apartment. The lady that I was fishing with caught a sheephead about 2PM or so, switched sides to fish some feet away from me and while fishing straight down with her perch rig caught small white perch around 2:30PM, then called it a day about a half hour before I did.
  2. We shoot ALOT of goldfish and dogfish at Metzgers in the spring before the weeds come up. We see alot of northerns in there too.

    Its tough to find good size gills. Good job man!

    Black Dog Bowfishing Pro Staff

  3. I'm sure there are a lot of northerns in there during the cool water months in the fall and spring. Certainly there's enough food for them between the gobies, small white bass and small white perch.
    Thanks for the read. Can't wait to hit the place again here soon, probably the middle of the week. I need some more gills for my freezer.
  4. If theres alot of big gills in there, Id like to try ice fishing the deeper holes.

    Black Dog Bowfishing Pro Staff
  5. They're still in there, my friend. They were still biting when I left there on Thursday. Like I said, the only reason I left was because I had stuff to do. :thumbs_up: