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Bono, OH Fishing Report 9/12

Discussion in 'Northwest Ohio fishing report' started by rockinmichigan, Sep 12, 2012.

  1. I decided on a change of pace today and went to Metzger's Marsh in the Bono, OH area. It's really a place that I've only fished a few times, and haven't fished in a couple years. If I told you that I only caught three fish, you'll tell me that's bad. But really it wasn't THAT bad. Lemme explain... I got there and went up and down the pier talking to a couple of older fellas about what they're using, how they're fishing, how the biting has been, yadda yadda yadda, and finally dropped a couple lines in about 8AM. I for the most part went with minnows today. Early on I went with both my heavy action and medium action poles cast out near the mouth of the channel that leads into Lake Erie. The biting started right away, before I could even get my medium action in the water. I didn't catch whatever hit the heavy action pole, but I could tell it was small. I did get quite a few bites the first couple hours, more the medium action then anything else. About 9AM I decided to bring the heavy action in and go a little lightweight to counteract the biting being mostly from little fish, so I tried a pole with a bobber and minnow. Near the pier I did get a hold of something but the hookset wasn't good enough and the fish got off as soon as I lifted it out of the water. I really didn't get a good look at it but it looked like a smallish rock bass. The pole with the bobber really didn't help much because not much was really hitting on it, so about 11AM I went back and forth between that pole and the ultra light with waxworms. It only took about 15 minutes before I finally landed my first fish...a good better then hand sized bluegill. It hit so hard on the ultra light I thought about the net for a split second LOL The biting seemed to slow down some after that. I was still getting a few bites but not fast paced by any stretch, which allowed me to make the mistake and actually sit down in my chair. I always bring it with me, I always take it to the fishing holes with me, but I rarely sit in it, and when I do I find a way to doze off, which I hate doing when I'm fishing LOL About 1PM I decided to get my lazy butt outta my chair and back to the fishing, so I took my ultra light and waxworms to the other side of the pier and try my luck there. I was mostly getting little "love taps" from the shiners that were a couple feet below the surface. Low and behold and without trying really I ended up snagging one. It was a good sized one at that, maybe the size of my pinky so I decided to rig that up on my heavy action rod and cast out on the same side as I had caught the shiner. After a little bit of a lull in the action around 2PM I decided to pawn the bluegill off on a gal that was fishing towards the end of the pier, and when I came back I checked my shiner that I caught, recast, and turned around to finish my pop and start thinking about calling it a day. After I finished my pop I turned around to see my line slack as all get out. I checked the line, then waited, then reeled in to find the hook empty. I think I know what did it, though I'm not completely positive, but I'm leaning towards either a nice sized perch or quite possibly a longnose gar. After that I decided to actually call it a day. I left my pole with the bobber in as well as the medium action pole still with minnows on them while I started to load my car up. When I came back I saw my line was slack from some biting I had just missed. I straightened my line, set the hook, and reeled in a white bass. It wasn't big at all, about 4" or so. It was a nice way to go out in style though, and a nice change of pace today. Since I hadn't been there in a couple years and tomorrow's forecast being pretty much the same as today (sunny, highs in the 80s, light Southerly breezes) I'm planning on doing it up again there tomorrow. This time though I'm going to go more towards the end of the pier where there was some fish being caught, namely white perch, bluegills, a sheephead, and a really nice jumbo yellow perch that was probably about 12". Really nice fattie!