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Bobcats in Ohio

Discussion in 'Ohio Trapping and Varmint Hunting' started by cambridgezowie, Jun 19, 2017.

  1. Just wondering people's thoughts on how many years or decades we are away from being able to hunt bobcats in Ohio?

    As well if anyone has ever ate one? Or if people even do?
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  2. I wouldn't be surprised to see a limited lottery trapping season in certain SE Ohio counties within the next 3-5 years.
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  3. I would love to have a pelt. they are pretty. taste???? it would be a wild sweet and sour chicken.
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  4. This is a forum that I just can't post what I think it taste like . But I'm sitting here laughing my ass off . Kyle I'll pm you my thoughts .
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  5. I was hoping I would get a few laughs off that.
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  6. They say cats are about like pork.

    As for the season, one can be sustained now but it may be a few more years unfortunately before we have one unless some changes happen.
  7. Noble county has a good population of them.
  8. According to the biologist, noble has distinct genetics from the rest of the state.
  9. I know they are pretty common in Fairfield county. Gotta wonder how well they are reproducing with no hunting season.
  10. We have a strong population at my farm. I've seen them multiple times. My wife saw a litter of them crossing the road one morning last spring. I'de say we are 5 years from having a 1 person limit, per year.
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  11. First time I ever seen a bobcat in Ohio was last year and got a picture of two of them in SE Ohio. So, their pop is growing.

    So is the Coyotes and Black Bear. First time ever seeing a Black Bear on our property and have two in the last year.

    As far as eating them, growing up in WV I have ate many things, including Raccon and Opossum, but never had Bobcat. HUNT0888.JPG HUNT0887.JPG
  12. That would be cool to see.. gotta wonder what effect they have on fawns. Coyotes are the worst I've seen on the rushville farm I hunt a few times a year. No one there hunts or bothers them and I'm just a guest
  13. What is this all about.?Enlighten me. Noble county is where I saw my first bobcat. My buddy lives out their and says he sees them all the time.

    I got a neighbor down the road 1/4 mile birds eye if that nd he has bobcat pictures on his trail cam. I have yet to get any pics here tho.
  14. It would be interesting to discover that Ohio has done widespread genetic testing on bobcats to determine that one county bobcat population stood out as somehow seperate.
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  15. I've got a good population at my deer camp in Morgan co. Been seeing them live and on pics for 10+yrs now. These days I get just about as many cat pics as I do coy.;)
  16. Bryan six

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    We need to have positive interest inputs emailed to the DNR, the more outcry the faster we will see a limited season!! The only thing holding it back now is the anti fur lobbying!! The impact that the cats will have on our turkeys in Ohio will be far worse than anything else bad that comes with these critters!! Email your local DNR district offices today and express your concerns for the immediate need to keep these predators in check before our turkey populations starts fading guys!!! This is only way we will see the highly wanted and highly needed limited season for the bobcat in Ohio anytime soon!!!
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  17. Good comment. I never even thought to mention that!
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  18. Caught one in a leg hold 2 years back while trapping. Got a lot of nice pictures and videos of it before I let it go. Very pretty animal! Great experience.
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  19. Caught one in a leg hold 2 years back while trapping. Got a lot of nice pictures and videos of it before I let it go. Very pretty animal! Great experience.