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Bobcats in Ohio

Discussion in 'Ohio Trapping and Varmint Hunting' started by cambridgezowie, Jun 19, 2017.

  1. Just wondering people's thoughts on how many years or decades we are away from being able to hunt bobcats in Ohio?

    As well if anyone has ever ate one? Or if people even do?
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  2. I wouldn't be surprised to see a limited lottery trapping season in certain SE Ohio counties within the next 3-5 years.
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  3. I would love to have a felt. they are pretty. taste???? it would be a wild sweet and sour chicken.
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  4. This is a forum that I just can't post what I think it taste like . But I'm sitting here laughing my ass off . Kyle I'll pm you my thoughts .
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  5. I was hoping I would get a few laughs off that.
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  6. They say cats are about like pork.

    As for the season, one can be sustained now but it may be a few more years unfortunately before we have one unless some changes happen.
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