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Bobcat season in Ohio?

Discussion in 'Ohio Trapping and Varmint Hunting' started by Sgt Fury, Feb 11, 2018.

  1. A friend of mine who lives in Ohio sent me a copy of the proposed regulations along with three bobcat zones....I asked if he got this from the ODNR website and am still waiting for an answer. I’ve tried posting the pics but no matter how much I crop it, it tells me that the file is too large....they must be having problems with posting pictures on this site again. Anyone hear anything about this?
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  2. I just had a discussion last week with a DOW employee who I know. This is being discussed as a possibility. :D :D :D
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  3. My friend sent me a map of Ohio and it showed an A,B and C zones. Zone A was closed season, zone B was Nov 10th 2018 to Jan 31st 2019 with a season closure after 20 cats are harvested, and zone C was Nov 10th to Jan 31st with a season closure after 40 cats were harvested. I wish that I could post the pics but it keeps telling me the file is too large.
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  4. It was posted here by who I would assume an ODow employee. Our warden came to our hunt club and said its going to happen and trapping only cause its a very grey area with the feds so trapping for now and then in several years maybe hunting but says Wayne and Holmes county which is a county away or so has a lot of them.

    I am kind of torn on this one because now your going to have a bunch of "amateur" trappers running around setting up traps cause I'm sure bobcat will go for some $ or they want bragging rights.
  5. I have no problem if someone wants to trap them if they do in fact open a season. If they decide to expand it to include hunting weapons in addition to trapping, I myself wouldn’t participate. Although there may be enough bobcats around to be able to withstand a hunting season, I’ve only laid eyes on one, the rest I’ve seen were caught on trail camera. I would enjoy just seeing one while deer hunting every now and again.
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  6. Me too. I'm okay with it being a season but 3/4 of my hunt club fired up with the can we shoot one while deer hunting and what do I gotta do to trap them when the warden brought it up. You would have thought this guy told everyone there was a 52pt buck giving away mint M1 Garand's with 1k rounds of ammo screaming shoot me, shoot me!! If its done legally and ethically I'm 110% for it but just worried there will be some issues. One idiot asked his how do you know we trapped it and didn't shoot it?

    I am glad they are coming back around but I hear they will also attack deer so I think starting to keep them in check right away is a good thing but I'm also worried about the small game taking an impact from them. IMO that's a lot of cats to trap and then close to the season so they must know something we don't. like there a whole lotta cat in those areas! but glad to see wildlife that once was making a comeback. Ive been seeing a lot of fox too which IMO is cool!
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  7. I can tell you that in Harrison County they sure have made a comeback! I can't begin to tell you the number of roadkill cats we have had over the last few years. They pop up on trail camera pretty regularly too.
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  8. The season is for data collection right now. You'll get to keep the fur and you'll have to turn the carcass into the DoW within 5 days.

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