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Boat rod holders?

Discussion in 'Tackle Talk' started by BottomBouncer, Jan 23, 2003.

  1. I have some of those plastic Berkeley rod holders along each side of my boat. They suck. Plain and simple. It is impossible to get a rod out while the fish is on the other end.
    What kind/brands of boat rod holders do you guys use?

  2. BB, I have a friend who has those rod holders. He went on a guided trip for catfish down south and the guide had them and told him the only problem people have with them is putting the rod to deep in the holder. I have the Roberts ones which are plastic ,but nice and wide for my Quamtum Big Cat rods. Just put the handle down in the holder about 3/4 on the handle below the reel and they work fine. Just my opinion.;)
  3. Those driftmasters are definately nice. Mark at Fisherman's has them all over his boat. I hate wrestling with my rod holders, then if you do get a hook set it usually isn't a good one.

    Thanks for the info fellas:cool:
  4. When I'm sittin anchored up. All the rods casted out. I use circle hooks and no clicker. When they pull on the rod they are already hooked. No hook set needed. When using reg. hook and using the clickers , by putting the rod in swallow you can get a hook set. Just my opinion.;)
  5. MrFishOhio uses the driftmasters and swears by them (not at them). He has an awesome setup.
  6. I had the plastic jobbies at one time and hated them. Now we use the down east metal ones and they cant be beat. Never had a problem with them. Easy to yank the rod out when trolling for muskies and FAST. They will always be the only rod holders i use.
    Heres the link if you wanna take a look. I would strongly suggest them.
  7. I've played around with those downeast holders at fisherman's, but they want $25 for one. They are definately nice.
  8. Rod Holders

    Here's my set-up:


    My rods are on the left, I put them down to the rod holder and keep the reels up against them, Lynn likes her's down in the holder itself, we use circle hooks so we let them hit it good before we take the rods out, just a couple of weeks ago I had the one on the right side gunnel get snapped off clean with a $160.00 outfit attached to it, Man felt so bad for the guy, his first time on the river in a boat and had a failure, don't know if it was the reel or the rod holder, we set the drags so that the reels will break loose with a good hard pull and with ccircles they are hooked up.......Doc
  9. That still amazes me..............rod, holder and all. Unbelievable......I like that setup though, four rods out and plenty of room.
  10. Boat

    Nice and big, rod goes down you have to stand-up and walk to get to the poles, my kinda fishin..........Doc
  11. Doc, I just noticed your sig. June 14th? Only one this year?
  12. BB

    Yes only one this year, we have a very aggresive tournament schedule along with the fact that I have weekend coverage at my shop..........Doc
  13. Doc,

    I had a roberts plastic rod holder snap at the base when a salmon hit while trolling Lake Ontario. I had to keep the drag pretty tight pulling big dipseys with wire line and when the fish hit that was all it could take.

    I was very lucky to be looking at that rod when the hit occured and was able to catch the rod before I lost it overboard. It was a nice 24lb king.

    All metal rods holder for me and my type of fishing.

  14. Doc, Those are what are going in my boat. 4 holders and 8 places to put them.;)
  15. I guess the one good thing about the Berkeley holders is that they come with two different mounts. I have four holders/six mounts plus a new home made holder going across the back that holds four rods, so there are 8 total.
  16. Holders

    1/2" Driftmasters & Angler's Pal ( tubes)
  17. Older tubes

    These are on the same idea as the Angler Pals.

    If you cannot get DOWNEAST HOLDERS, either hold the rod or drift. There are NONE better. I use them for Muskies, and when you snag a stump trolling 4 MPH, they are the only ones that will hold up.
  19. Do those downeast come in different sizes to hold thicker rod handles? Some of mine are pretty thick!
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