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Blue tongue in southern Ohio

Discussion in 'Ohio Waterfowl Hunting' started by swanie, Aug 31, 2012.

  1. I was told today that blue tongue was found in meigs co. Vinton co. And Athens co. Has any one else heard of this? I think he was BSing me but I'm going to throw it out to see if it's true.

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  2. I have not heard anything about it or seen any sign that is in Washington and Meigs county.

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  3. I'm in southern hocking and my landlord works for the county if it where true he woulda heard something by now but ill keep my ears open

  4. It has been found in western LOGAN COUNTY also.
  5. It seams like every year from back when it hit meigs co in I think 2004. When ever it gets hot you hear about dead deer found from blue tongue. I know it's been dry but I've seen it dryer and hotter and the deer has not died from it.

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  6. Darron B

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    I do most of my hunting in Vinton and I have several buddies down there as well. I have not heard of any reports and my one buddy is out riding his property on a daily basis.
  7. Why is this in the waterfowl section?
  8. got any proof...:mischeif:
  9. Don't know why here now!! I posted it in the whitetail forum.

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  10. dang thats a strange move...:confused:
  11. Then again I could of made a mistake. But don't tell my wife she still think I'm always right. Haha she tells me all the time. " I know your always right!!!"

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  12. COONIE I was talking to a friend who saw alot of buzzards above the woods he hunts in. Further inspection showed dead deer he called DNR they investigated it thats what they said it was.
  13. We have a hunting camp in jackson county in 2004 we found dead deer around our pond. A fella that lives in meigs co. told us they had found alot of deer dead then from blue tongue.
  14. No reported deer disease in jackson co yet.
  15. Not herd of any here in Washington co, County fair is going on right now so news of any would have traveled fast.
  16. Well it looks like ehd has been found up north.

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