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A teenage blond girl turns 16 and is finally allowed to date. She gets asked out by the school quarterback but before she goes on the date, her mother offers her some "womanly" advice.

"Just don't get in the back seat of his car and let him get on top of you or you'll get pregnant.", Mom said. The girl promised to not let that happen.

On the date to the drive-in (this is an old joke), the time finally comes when the boy asks if they could climb in the back seat and get more comfortable. The girl agrees. Then the boy tries to get on top of the girl only to be stopped by her saying, "Oh no... I promised my Mom that I wouldn't let you get on top of me."

Thinking fast... the boy offers to let HER get on top. Seeing as how Mom had said nothing about that, the girl agreed.

Several days later, the girl is walking down the hall at school with a girlfriend and they see the quarterback. The blond nudges her friend and says, "See that boy... he's pregnant."
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