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Bipod tripod quick stick or anything else. What do you like best for ghogs?

Discussion in 'Ohio Trapping and Varmint Hunting' started by bowkills, Jun 15, 2017.

  1. Id like to get a set not mounted to the gun.what do u like?
  2. I have the cheap bipod shooting sticks and the cheap mono pod. they are great. use them as a walking stick till you see your critter. I take the ole .22 pistol go on a nice stroll. works good for squirrels too.

  3. I definitely use a bipod when the shots are under 300 yards and no other rest is available. I am a tightwad and refuse to pay 50$ for a pair of sticks. I made a pair out of a 2 x 4 I believe they're 30" long I ripped them into 1"x 1" and put a 1/1" bolt through them to hold them together. A little Krylon and they work great. Over 300 I generally will be laying prone with the .220 swift and the Harris bipod.
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  4. I have a cheap clip on the barrel bipod that works fine as long as you don't need to adjust much . They are about 12 inches so good for prone only . Also because they clip on the barrel they make everything I have shot with them shoot a little high . I have a set of sticks that work great while sitting .
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  5. primos pole cat. i had a pair and really liked them for how they packed and how sturdy they were but loaned them out and never came back. usually i just have a bipod on the gun and shoot them prone.
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  6. I use a tripod that mr bluedog bought for deer hunting and LOVEEEEEE it. Often if it is under 50 yards I just sit in my little ground chair and use my knee, but if I am anticipating longer then I'll take the tripod. I have one of those Primos shooting sticks that is a monopod. I like it for some situations but most of my groundhog hunting shots I tend to be in the open on the ground and I can never seem to get very stable with the monopod. I actually am much more stable with the gun on my knee. But now that I have the tripod available, I take that with me nearly every time.
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  7. I would like to get a good set that can be drilled and tapped in to a 4/10 for when my son starts hunting.Always an issue at least most the time the gun is to heaven for a kid .Any recommendations?
  8. If the gun has a front sling stud a Caldwell will attach to it.
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  9. How high does legs go and does it swivel...I'm sure I'm not the first fella that has had these issues.Sorta curious of some of the things,others have made,or contraptions they have used.
  10. sitting is 25-27 inches and it does not pan side to side only cants to level it. try a bogpod tripod for him or primos sticks.
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  11. You can make a set for sitting another for standing . Cost about $1 -$2 for the string .
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  12. That's way out of my budget!!!!I do like that nice baby blue color tho.
    I need to find something that swivels for the boy. Ideas?
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  13. bogpod tripod or Caldwell field pod or send him to me and catchdog and we will teach him how to shoot like a man without a bipod! #snipa.
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  14. Set him on a set and spin .
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  15. I bet that made Ohio shoot pop out of his nose !!!
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  16. That's some funny sh.t right their! I've took enough kids hunting at young ages to know the biggest down fall for them is being able to hold a gun up and turn it when the gun is to long and heavy for them.More so to long.
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  17. Blahahahahaha! For that your going to need an arm stretcher!
  18. No more cheap ****! My Caldwell bipod just snapped in half while getting ready to shoot a chuck! Harris here I come
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