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Biggest threat to Trophy Catfishing

Discussion in 'Ohio Catfish Anglers' started by flathunter, Jan 10, 2003.

  1. Catch and Keep

    7 vote(s)
  2. Commercial Fishing

    14 vote(s)
  3. Trotlines, limblines etc.

    2 vote(s)
  4. Pollution of the waters

    7 vote(s)
  5. Indroduction of exotic fish

    1 vote(s)
  6. No threat at all, Trophy cats will be around forever

    5 vote(s)
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  1. I know alot of us here respect the Catfish and almost always practice catch and release...But with catfishing growing in leaps and bounds what to you consider the biggest threat to the future of the fishery?
  2. Commercial fishing

    This is the first year that I have seen commercial fishing in the Ohio River during the winter!!!

    It's in Indiana but they got the big hoop nets down in an area that I caught a lot of fish in prior years, they can clean out an area in a very short time, over the past couple of years they have been above Cinncinatii and have wiped out good Flathead areas in one season.

    I realize that most of these fish go to paylakes, but I don't even want to get started on that topic,but I sure do enjoy catching the same fish over and over each year so that I can see the growth rate, I put a special mark on all fish over ten pounds that we catch for reference since your not allowed to tag fish in Ohio.


  3. wow...i can only pick ONE?

    I personaly think its all a combination of the first 3..Anglers who dont practice either catch & release or atleast selective harvest can damage river stretches or smaller lakes.
    I think those who choose to set bank lines, limb lines, jug lines, trotlines ,ect. should have to purchase a commercial fishing license since they are NOT anglers and are using other means in which to take fish..they can destroy a med/small river system fast.
    As Doc said the big rivers get hit hard by comercial fishing(how they can put a FISHING label on this term is still a slap in the face to me!)..i think its SICK and i cant wait to see the day that its out lawed along with other means of catching and killing fish with out rod & reel.
    Same goes for that bow fishing? How can they say thats "FISHING"?? its a very big kick in the pants to anglers like myself that catch & release, to even include that type of HUNTING in a fishing sub-forum ....that should be put in the hunting forums!!(this is not only MY opinion..its also the opinion of many other anglers in here ive talked too personally)
    Heck next sub forum i guess we will see is SNAGGING? :rolleyes:

    Geez Jack, this topics more like opening a 55 gal. drum of worms instead of just a can:eek: ;)
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  4. Why do they allow commercial fishing for catcfish??????? You cant put a tag on a fish, you can only use two friggin lines at ones, However you can catch them by the ton if you buy a commercial license, STUPID:mad:
  5. You know it is Like Donnie Ponder said, If us as Catfishermen who love the Sport Do nothing, then nothing will be done...They took the Bull by The horns in Texas, got the Flathead protected as a gamefish..we could do the same if we banded together, and did something..But you know us, we wont we will stand by and watch till they are gone:(
  6. Jack

    "Why do they allow commercial fishing for catcfish??????? "
    Cause its a buisness that deals in now they'll allow ANYTHING that makes money no matter what it destroys!

    Yup only two rods & reels per angler, but hey it could be worse..Minn. only allows thier anglers to use ONE pole!!
    BUT then again the anglers in Ky. and Indiana are allowed as many as they can use?? these states are the ones that allow comercial fishing too..sad that we have to use the same rivers as them idiots!PLUS states like Ky. allow SNAGGING too..guess catfish are the lowest form of fish to them?
    But again some of our OHIO catfish brothers buy thier out-of-state licenses so they too can use as many poles as they can to increase thier odds of catching cats by 5-6 to those of us that are using only TWO on the same river!!
    Ky. also allows the snagging of Paddlefish, and Ohio lists it as an ENDANGERD SPECIES...HMMMMMM?

    If every state that used the Ohio River banned comerical fishing, and had the same exact regs....we would have a big boost in the top end size of big cats...and the numbers of these cats would big a TON bigger too.
    Atleast W.Va. and Ohio agree on a lot of things and let thier anglers fish both sides of the river bank..KY. doesnt because they want the OHIO RIVER to be thiers and think we shouldnt be allowed to fish it..even though they are the ones helping to destroy it!!

    Bad topic with me..
  7. Commercial fishing

    Those guys remove literally tons of fish from the system. They target the big fish too. Those are probably adding their genes to the pool when they spawn, and won't contribute once removed.
    Limb lines I can't see a problem where I fish in the Ohio River. I don't like to see the trot lines. A big fish will roll & get alot of hooks inbedded in them so they aren't good for the commercial guys either. I've talked to a few commercial fisherman, all the ones I've met were real nice guys, just doing a job. I don't like it, and I think the states would be much better off making a trophy fishery bringing in tourist dollars & then I could become a full time guide !!
    Multiple rods, that's been debated in a thread before. Who cares so long as the regs are followed ? If there's a 6 fish limit, why does it matter if someone uses 3 or 7 rods to catch them? I use up to 7 rods at times( KY license), I'm not in competition with anyone, I'm not trying to "take an advantage" over anyone. I compete with the fish. Can't use more than 2 rods alot of times anyway- depends on the conditions. Most guys wouldn't be able to run more than 3 rods as it's alot more work. You know what it takes for 2 rods, now triple that ! All my fish are C & R...
    Most guys who claim to use 2 rods use more, they'll have 2 out & then use a 3rd for bait catching anyway ! I know I've done it myself trolling 2 rods, hit a school of WB breaking surface & I'll cast a spinner to them. Now the 2 rods are out of commision as the boat is stopped while casting.
  8. OK

    Heres my Opinion on the biggest threat to trophy catfish

    MR Fishohio of course !!!!!, the slayer of 62 pound blues !! Heck he probably caught the biggest fish in the river LOL :D :D........................Just kidding.........I now you guys are refering to fish that die or are taken from the water.............

    Heres a thought to ponder...........If a TROPHY fish is taken say, in a net, by a "commercial fisherman" and then Transported to a place like Catfishermans Paradise.........Is it still a Trophy fish when they let it go? I would say yes...even tho 90% of the guys on this site HATE paylakes LOL....these Commercial fisherman surely arent selling anything from the river as tablefare are they?.....So they must be "transplanting" them...........Im sure there is a Mortality rate for these transplanted fish too.........some bigguns are lost for sure........

    Until I read this thread, I didnt know that guys trawled the Ohio for paylake fish..Interesting.
  9. off topic

    but someone else seemed to get off the topic anyway so i have to respond.
    to coin another phrase from the same post,the above quote is in my opinion, a "slap in in the face" to this site and the person who invited us here.steve put a forum on this site that has a lot of interest for lots of other people.he did the same when asked for this forum.i don't see anyone blasting him for the catfish forum,so how about we just stick to what's relevant,and not attack others,or slam this site.nuff said
  10. Nets

    I've seen a couple of different kinds down on the river, most were the hoop nets which are wire mesh, they have a crane built on the boat to lift them out of the water, they have several chambers in them so the cats are sorted by size, normally they have white jugs floating above them, I have also seen them use the orange barrels on the shoreline to mark them.

    I have only seen the guys harvest during the daylight hours, the nets are always against the shoreline in deep enough water so that the net is fully submerged, maybe 6 foot of water or more.

    The guys that do it are nice as I have met sevral, and like the others have said, it's a job good paying at that but you have to work hard to get them.

    Larry and I observed them a couple of years ago above the New Richmond ramp, at the time I was not aware that the jugs were marking there nets, I assumed it was a drop off that somebody had marked so we were fishing it. fellows came along and asked us if we had caught any which we had and then asked us if we could pull or boat so they could get to the nets, felt kind of stupid I'm parked right on top of there spot, we moved back, these guys had a flatbottom boat that was better than 30 foot in length and over 10 foot wide, they tried pulling the net and was straining to do so so they grabbed the end of it, man there were some big Flats in that net, no wonder we weren't catching any flats, they had them all.

    I've been trying for better than five years to get regulations set forth on catfish, Frank VanWinkle has been doing it almost his whole life, bottom line is there is major bucks in this business, and I don't have the backing or the dollars to put the regulations in place.

  11. Re: off topic ...

    :) ~ 10 4 .. Bro Rick!

    In the past I've tried to wade through the one-sided deep doo-doo on gfo for Cat info ~ Steve has Gratuitously provided a clean slate/forum that will hopefully go in the right direction!!!

    I've read alot of good info on OS in the short time it has been on-line from highly respected Katfish, Doc & other CatMen that have open minds, true proven skills & methods to share .. let's hope it continues.


    PS .. even though I'm a old troller, Doc has provided me with some great recorder info in the past, along with info from him & others that I adapt to my brand of fishin' ..
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  12. Hey Doc?

    So the guys with the net full of flats was no doubt heading to the paylakes? sorry if thats a dumb question............
  13. ok Rick

    I'll take that one...
    First Ohio Sportsman is the site right?..SPORTSMAN..correct?
    Now this topic was meant to bring up whats the biggest threat to trophy catfish..right?
    Ok then the biggest threat to ANY trophy fish is HUMANS!
    Humans that catch and sell big cats to pay-lakes all over this state and others(comercial fishing).
    Now another threat it the meathunters that run trotlines, limblines, ect all over the states rivers, streams and lakes..This topic is NOT only about the Ohio R.
    Granted the bow hunting guys are only allowed to hunt "rough fish" but its still a senceless slaughter of "rough fish" that many anglers fish for, PLUS its a forage fish that MANY big flatheads feed on..a 50lb flathead can and does eat live fish up to 4-6lbs.
    My point was there are MANY other anglers besides myself that agree that the "bowfishing" section should have been put over in the "hunting" as most of us practice catch & release or atleast
    selective harvest and these guys kill for fun and dont use thier "kills" for anything wasting the fish!

    Ray..yea im the first one to say im closed minded about a lot of fishing things, but thats just me...just because those other guys dont SPEAK of thier thoughts on these type of subjects doesnt mean they feel its "ok" to do..i speak my mind! So whats the point in bring up the past???
  14. I voted for pollution, I know that everyone of you guys hate paylakes because they take out the big fish .. I myself feel that taking fish to put in paylakes is totally wrong, I also feel that pay lakes do some service to catfish in the fact that fisherman who.want cats for the table can go catch some farm raised catfish for the table, leaving the wild resourse alone ... That being said ... I always thought it was ILLEGAL to catch fish and sell them live in ohio ... Am I wrong here, that has always been my understanding, if it is illegal then we should start turning these people in, maybe even video taping the harvest and transport.... One thing that was not on the poll, which I feel has a detrimental effect on big cat populations is the dam systems on rivers. These dams in my opinion create nothing more than large lakes along a river system that makes it virtually impossibe for fish to move freely, I know some pass through but their movements are limited at best. Anyone that want to get a petition together to stop the sale of wild catfish to paylakes I will be more than happy to sign, I am going to read up on it and see if it is indeed legal.... I know they do it, but I can't believe its legal
  15. mad catter

    It is illegal in Ohio..but it still goes on..states like Ky. are full of comercial fishing...its big business to as it is in many other states all along the ole missisippi and misouri river systems.
    I personally dont like the paylakes because some like the one located down rt 71 and rt 35 catch thier own cats for thier lake by trotlines..this way they dont BUY the fish from other comercial fisherman making the stocking of thier lakes legal!!
    Also i dont see how any catman can say hes caught a trophy cat out of a pay-lake? That angler caught it out of its NATURAL enviroment and wouldnd stand a chance at finding, hooking and landing it where it originally came from(the river), like shooting fish in a to speak!
    A guy i work with grew up with the owner of catfishermans paradise..he told me the owner also runs trotlines and has a big holding pen on his land on the banks of the ohio r. and keeps his fish there. This guy has had some monster blue cats in his pay-lake before..a 112lb blue cat(thats of course dead now), another blue cat that was 100lbs, after being caught 7 times in two weeks, it died too!!
    I hear he has a few flatheads over 70 lbs in there now!!
    These fish are put in a 4 acre lake..nothing more than a mud hole..he has to run a fountain in the middle to create enough oxygen to keep the fish alive..i heard that if that lake was drawn down about 4 ft you could probably walk accrossed it on the backs of fish!!
    Makes me sick!
  16. I looked it up .... commerical fishing license for ohio is 72 bucks, 125 for indiana and you can sell live fish with these licences, that is sickening... Anyone that wants to form a little group of paylake fishermen to ... kinda ... catch and release back into the wild, I would join ... I know that it is technically stealing and against the law, but hey Greenpeace does it all the time:D :D I never thought it was legal .... Guess if you want to pay $72 you can basically do anything you want...:mad: :mad:
  17. im with ya man

    its a cheap price for them to pay to destroy our fishing resource isnt it?
    makes me illl to even think about it.
  18. Snagging ?

    I think they show how to snag flatheads on an In-Fisherman Video ?
    Paddlefish might be endangered in OH, but they are plentiful in the OH river & so are bluecats.
    The only way to catch paddlefish is in a net(commercial only) or snagging ( KY license) from the bank only. Highly regulated. Season is from Feb1 to May 10th. I've tried it, it's not easy at all. I have to give those guys credit for hard work to get a few paddlefish. IN limits it to 2 fish per day- no culling. In other words, the first 2 fish you catch, you HAVE to keep, and then you are done for the day also. If the game wardens checked all year like they do during snag season there would be no poaching of undersize & over limits. A few years ago I was checked twice by wardens on the land, and once by some who came in by boat. They are tagged in the bills, so they look for those to keep track of the populations.
    I think it would be nice if paylakes had to raise their fish, or buy them from a farm and not take them from the wild & transplant them.
    Paylakes make alot of money for the operators, etc. Don't think they will be going away anytime soon.
    Flats, you got the facts wrong, KY allows all the rods you want, but IN allows only 3.
    As for off-topic, I'll refrain, but I don't troll for catfish, I've caught alot of them while trolling for eyes. That was my referance to using more than 2 rods. I didn't know bowfishing was a threat to trophy catfishing :confused: :eek:
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  19. I am going to say this and leave this topic alone...We could stop Comercial fishing for cats, we could make the flathead a gamefish...Bottom line is we wont do it...It would take us guys going straight to the dnr, straight to legislators, it would take alot of time and effort..They did it in Texas we could do it, but we wont...And I am just as much to blame as the next.........I cant stand reading stuff like this it makes me so mad..I am sorry I started the thread...TAKING WILD FISH, putting them in pay ponds is wrong no matter how you put it......If someone wants to run a paylake let them breed and raise there own giant fish..Or better yet Farm raised channel cats????????Dont steel them from us!!!! Arggggh:mad:
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