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Biggest deer

Discussion in 'Ohio Whitetail Deer Hunting' started by chopiq, Jan 12, 2003.

  1. chopiq

    chopiq Staff Member Mod

    Sitting here at work watching a deer hunting video and they were talking about racks, and started wondering whats everyones biggest deer either points or total score or weight. My best buck was a small basket 9 pointer, never had it scored. I did get a 4.5 yr old doe. Weight wise she was about 185 lbs on the hoof.
  2. Small 8-point is my biggest so far, and it was also my first many years ago.

  3. my first...

    My first and biggest was a nice 8pt. I got last year. 20" spread and close to 300lbs. One shot with a muzzleloader on opening day of Indiana gun season. It was huge. Most exciting hunt yet!:D

  4. Eight pointer, low 160s gross, nets around 155. 22 1/4" inside spread. Very small body, worn down from the rut.
  5. 10 point scored 147 3/8.feild dressed 175 lbs
  6. I'll let you know when I shoot it.
  7. Biggest Antlers 10 pt.about 125", biggest doe 149# dressed, biggest buck 161# dressed (not the 10 pt. above).

    How 'bout smallest?

    Mine: WV, butt'n 68# dressed

    Had one come in for processing this year that was (and I'm not kidding) 47# dressed.
  8. 161 gross 14pt that was 215 lbs. I also took a 126 gross 8 pt and 115 gross 9 pt off the same land. My little gold-mine! However, the prettiest deer on my wall was my first, a doe, when I was 15....about 11 years ago! I can still remember that day!!
  9. Stacker,

    My nephew shot a doe in Vinton County with a bow that had a hanging weight of 32#. He was standing there holding it like you would a rabbit. It was unbelievable!
  10. I got a 8 pt. 2 years ago with his left side of his rack was down by his mouth. Nice deer though. Shot him at 5 yards. God I love to bowhunt
  11. Best so far has been an 18'' - 9pt that'll go around 110. Still lookin for that first P&Y. Lord knows I'm overdue!----TF
  12. Got my biggest just this Nov. 9. Shot him with my trusty Martin. He scores right at 140. Not the biggest Ive had an oppurtunity at but the biggest I ve taken. The bigguns are a lot harder to hit than the small ones.....LOL
  13. Lance

    Lance Super Mod Mod


    My biggest was a nice 6 pt. with the bow. We won't talk about what I've missed........ both gun AND bow.....
  14. chopiq

    chopiq Staff Member Mod

    I know what you mean Lance, I missed two 140+ bucks with my bow within an hour of each other this year. I completly undershot the first one and was so upset with myself I didn't even see the second come by about an hour later. Had a shot and killed a nice limb I didn't see. Wasn't prepared at all for the second one.

    Smallest deer: I lived in Louisiana for 6 years and the deer run a little smaller there. I saw one guy with deer that at first I thought he had shot a dog, like a small collie. He picked it up with one hand and held it up. He was actually proud of it.
  15. My biggest buck was the one i shot this year a 7 pointer with a 17 inch spred...weight 250lbs......didnt score it:D
  16. oops

    and the biggest one i missed was a 11 pointer... it was fighting with a 8 pointer and i stalked them for 2 hrs.....finally got a 20 yrd shot off at the 11 and i shot between his legs....OUCH....clean miss low....come to find out my scope on my crossbow was off the loosened up....oh well ill get him another day!!:rolleyes:
  17. My best is a 140 4/8 in 10 pt taken with a compound in 2000. In 2001 I shot a 126 1/8 inch 8 pt and in 2002(this yr) I shot a 125 7/8 inch 10 pt. These buck weighed 195 dressed, 205 dressed and 170 dressed. I've also taken several small 8's with 12-14 inch spreads before I started gettin choosy...All these deer were taken with a browning compound....
  18. My biggest deer I took on my friends farm. It was an * point and weighed 180lbs. It was a big bodied deer. Shot it at about 20 yards quartering away. Shot it with my Oneida Aero Force bow and arrow tipped with a 100 gr. Thunderhead. Pass though like butter. Went down about 50 yards away. I didn't have to money to mount the head so I just put the antlers on the wall. But will try to get a head for the wall in the future.;) :)
  19. I had a huge buck that I counted 10 points on real quick so maybe more maybe less but it was really big and it was twenty yards from me walking towards a shooting lane when a trespasser on an ATV came by and scared it before I got a shot.
  20. I have had that happen before and it does just piss you off badly.
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