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Big Deer Found Dead Due to Disease

Discussion in 'Ohio Whitetail Deer Hunting' started by Double drop, Sep 22, 2012.

  1. 13 pt. 150 class found dead not a mile from one of my spots in Geauga County. Is anyone else finding deer dead in Geauga/Ashtabula County from EHD or blue tongue? I really need to know before I go stomping all over my land looking for dead bodies!

  2. I have found at least 8 deer dead in portage and Trumbull counties most of them close to or in water

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  3. I have found 1 in butler county dead next to a creek so far but have not been stomping around to much being the season right around the corner.

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  4. It was a big doe.

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  5. That sucks, I haven't seen many dead or alive lol
  6. Found one here in washington co, so far.
  7. there were 4 deer found near a pond behind my brothers place and one was a big buck he hasn,t seen in awhile, this was in northern portage co.
  8. Deehntr56

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    Deer disease strikes Portage County cattle farm: Northeast Ohio Outdoors Notebook

    Published: Thursday, September 20, 2012, 4:10 PM Updated: Thursday, September 20, 2012, 11:11 PM

    By D'Arcy Egan, The Plain Dealer

    A disease that is killing white-tailed deer around Ohio and much of the Midwest has been confirmed in a Portage County cattle herd, according to the Ohio Department of Agriculture.

    Epizootic hemorrhagic disease is fatal to deer. It is estimated the disease has killed at least a thousand bucks and does around northern Ohio, often in suburban and urban areas where there is an overpopulation of deer, hunting is not allowed and dead and dying deer are more noticeable. The disease causes deer to lose their fear of people, stop eating and constantly salivate before dying.

    The agriculture department said infected cattle suffer from fever, lameness and sore mouths, but generally recover in a few days.

    The disease is carried by midges -- small, biting insects that are like the tiny "no-see-ums" that plague outdoorsmen. Because of the summer drought, deer gather at small watering holes that also attract midges, and thus are more likely to contract EHD. The first hard frost in the region will kill the biting insects, which should bring an end to this year's outbreak, said Mike Tonkovich, deer program coordinator of the Ohio Division of Wildlife.

    The real scope of this year's EHD deer kill won't be known until later in the month, when bowhunters begin to invade Buckeye wood lots to hunt deer.

    "I expect archery hunters will find a lot of dead deer in rural wood lots and places where only hunters usually go," said Tonkovich.

    Deer stabilization: Ohio's first deer hunting season is around the corner, with the four-month-long archery season beginning Sept. 29. Expect this year's harvest to be lower than the 219,748 killed by bow and gun hunters last year. Bow hunters killed 82,732 deer, with crossbow hunters taking the lion's share, harvesting 44,979 deer.

    "We've been fine-tuning our deer harvest to stabilize the growth of Ohio's deer herd," said Tonkovich. "Our management goals are being met, and I expect the deer harvest to be down a little this season."

    Tonkovich said the Ohio wildlife agency won't estimate the size of Ohio's deer herd. Once tabbed at about 750,000 animals, Tonkovich said there are too many variables, including a lack of hunting in urban areas, to come up with accurate figures from all of Ohio's 88 counties. Hunter success has been a major ingredient in deer population estimates.

    The archery deer season runs through Feb. 3. The youth gun season is Nov. 17-18; regular gun season is Nov. 26-Dec. 2 and Dec. 15-16; and the statewide primitive weapons season is Jan. 5-8.
  9. Here we go....guess I'll put the popcorn on, 56, you get the beer.:mischeif:
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  11. Sorry no pics of popcorn, but it is just about ready.

    How soon till the ??(&^ hits the fan?:whistle:
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    After the 1st batch of popcorn and a cold one!:biggrin:
  13. Hey DeerHntr56! Looks like you collect beer signs! tho don't drink them cream ale's....Would rather eat 5or6 ears of sweet corn than some pop-corn anyday.....
  14. Im not playing this time.....Ive said my piece in the other 9 million threads on this one. But I will say this is an easy one to point out the '***?' factor. Im excited to hear what the guys find in the woods this weekend too. I didnt realize this was such an issue. Doesnt seem like many have found alot of dead deer yet, if there are many to be found, especially in my area. I saw a show on tv the other night about this disease...its sad.

    Howd the hunt go John?

    Black Dog Bowfishing Pro Staff
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  15. I've had a few buddies in the Middlefield and Burton area finding a few, luckily I have yet to find any
  16. We've been all over our area without finding any dead deer.but I think Athens area got more rain then a lot of other areas in Ohio...:D
  17. 56 Please tell me that you found that Alaskan in Ohio! I love alaskan Amber...
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    Unfortunately, I have bad news- not in Ohio. One of my trips back from Washington State, is when I picked these up.

    Fat Tire is my favorite-while in Fort Collins one time I came across it there at their brewery and have enjoyed it ever since, whenever I can find it. Typically I have to bring this "good" stuff home. ;)

    JB- Very Nice trip- will update when I get it all together- I have several out of town trips with work coming up so it will be awhile.

    Hunt1up- I have a "few":whistle: of the signs and the GCA is an oldy from the 70's.