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Big Darby Creek State and National Scenic River

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~ http://www.dnr.state.oh.us/test/sr/bdarby.htm

Eighty-two miles of the Big Darby
Creek and its major tributary, Little
Darby Creek, were designated as state
scenic rivers in 1984.

The Darby Creek System constitutes
some of the most important natural
resources in central Ohio.

Flowing through rich agricultural
bottomland of Union, Madison,
Franklin and Pickaway counties, the
creek's valley is characterized by
gently rolling topography in the upper
reaches to relatively steep,
heavily-wooded topography in lower
portions. Both streams were included
in the national scenic rivers program
in 1994.

Big and Little Darby Creeks are noted
nationally for their tremendous
diversity and abundance of both
aquatic and terrestrial plants and animals.

They are home to 86 species of fish, five of which are endangered in Ohio including the federally
endangered Scioto Madtom, which is endemic to the area.

Forty-one species of freshwater mollusks live in these waters, eight of which are on the Ohio
endangered list. The Darby Creek watershed covers an area of 556.6 square miles.

The creeks banks are flanked with native vegetation varying considerably in width; from only a narrow
line of trees to deep and extensive forests. Floodplain trees such as buckeye, sycamore, silver maple
and box elder tolerate periods of inundation. Species more adapted to drier soils such as oak and sugar
maple line the valley walls.

Remnant prairie species such as purple coneflower, the threatened prairie false indigo and Indian
paintbrush inhabit the slopes and bluffs along the streams. Numerous species of birds and mammals
depend upon this linear strip of undisturbed habitat for their existence.

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FM........you don't even know where the Darby is do you:confused: ;)

Gotta love those under the bridge holes on the darb!
Yeah, we walked up stream. He caught one smallie........I didn't catch anything. Caught a bunch of bait though.
Well.........dam...........so much for that idea. Guess I'll have to get the map out and find another section of creek(s).
The people that meathunt these areas could give two shi ts about restrictions. I'll never forget fishing below griggs and watching this group of "minorities" keeping everything they caught, which include a wide size range of smallies.
What these places need is someone to enforce the laws.
Did you hear this one.............Taft is raising a bunch of costs.......including outdoors licenses(fishing, hunting, etc.)
Wonder if the ODNR will see that money or if we'll see some changes. I'd volunteer FOR FREE if they gave me some tickets to issue to these low lifes. I've said it before, they could afford all the officers they want if they take a month to patrol all the bridge crossings, tailwaters/dams and pull-off areas.
I was telling FM about a guy I saw up on Alum last summer. He had at least four rods out. Fishing just off a point in the NO-WAKE area. Had this guy been about 20 yards back into that cove he would have been over the best crappie hole in that area. I'd gaurantee he'd cleaned out that cove in one day and came back for more. But.....he didn't catch any and I waited until he left to go back in there.

I often wonder why the officers are? Some of these more popular areas are the places you hardly see them.
I don't think it is just for preserving it for a select few, but also for the wildlife to have a natural area that doesn't have people running all around it.
I hate seeing any sort of development that isn't really necessary.....always makes me wonder where all the animals go?
I always liked going out on the boat, or walking a shoreline and having the racoons, and other animals running around........

I think I posted this before, but one time while fishing below Griggs dam.........nearly in the middle of Columbus a deer ran across the river........people were all over the shore and wading.

Kinda felt like I was on the Discovery channel or something:)
1 - 8 of 61 Posts
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