Best family tent camping in Ohio....?

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  1. Hopefully get alot of this in this summer. Fishing is a must in my mind. Not lake Erie unless channels and close to shore with rough waters......where do u guys like to go?
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    Lake Hope is nice, Stroud's run and burr oak are too!!!
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  3. Thanks. I'd like to venture southeast of Columbus one time this summer. Most everything decent close is northeast Indiana or southern mi for me. Any good panfish lakes in southeast oh if we toat a boat?

  4. **** my back yard ... put ya on senica and salt fork within 10 miles .. Aep. About 15 and piedmont clendenning20. And much more....
  5. A light I'll have the family down and pitch a tent this summer!!!! U mind an extension cord off the back of your house?
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  6. I used to spend many summers at Charles Mill. We did a lot of fishing there, mainly after bluegill and crappie. Pleasant Hill lake is right around the corner as well.
  7. AEP lakes in southeast Ohio have some amazing pan fishing opportunities.
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  8. Kellys Island or Put N Bay. I take my canoe and hammer fish close to shore. Great local eats. Plenty of swimming.
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  9. Good idea. My dad and uncle have stories from their youth of camping and fishing Kelly's......
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  10. My lifetime personal best smallmouth came off the pier by the campground at Kellys. Cold windy spring day with waves crushing the pier. I was about 12! The lake Erie Islands are a true gem.