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best day or night of fishing??

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Another post about moon phases got me thinking about this one..and since Flathunter is BORED out of his mind and wants to hit the ole river bank for flatheads with a bucket full of live gills, two rods and a chair(lol;) )..BUT cant because the water temps right now are just above freezin and those big old flatheads are snuggled up with each other and covered over with silt..we'll just TALK about it for now..ok Jack?;) :p
I'd say some of my best ever days fishing have been when a fishing partner Dave and I hit 17 flatheads 17-30 lbs.(small ones:rolleyes: ) in one night..and lost some to the trees.
Other trips have been below a certain dam on the Ohio R. where we have caught over 100 fish a pcs. 12 species in one day..and did this for two to three days in a row during spring many years.
Another one comes to mind...a few years ago my other fishing partner Jake and i bought these 11ft light action Euro rods for throwing light jigs to skipjack herring..we hit a small feeder creek of the Ohio R. and the water level was high in the main river and in this creek, but the creek was crystal clear. It was spring and we had in front of us a school of whitebass that had to number in the 1000's? We were throwing a dbl. rig and catching two WB that would go from 1lb to 2 1/4 lbs..plus about every 15th cast would connect with a hybrid of 1-4 lbs that was running with the WB schools...we set on them for almost 6hrs..releasing ALL of them of course...Jake couldnt lift his arm over his head for 3 days...lol..great memories.
This past year, topped my best fishing days ever..thats because i took both my boys out and started them stream wadin...they both had a blast, learned how to to catch & release some great fish and hopefully sparked a desire to want to fish next year too(they both said..YES with ear to ear grins!!)
Lets hear your guys stories!!
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Buddy you aint got to have 1000 fish days..or catch a boat load of big blues like Jimmy;) to have a best day to talk about...its more about the experience ya had doing it, who you got to share it with and the memories you get to look back on!!
I personally look back to times that pop into my mind as being with anglers i dont get to fish with much anymore(cause of familys, work, ect) or the times one of us at least every darn trip fell and busted our butts(which most of the time it was me..lol). Heck probably the best times ive had are fishing with my boys and close friends . I still find myself wishing more and more i was my brothers age(hes 10 yrs older than me) so i could have spent more time on the river bank night fishing with my grandfather(past away a few yrs ago) and my father(has lived in Fl. for 12 yrs now) when they used to flathead hunt every weekend rain or shine! I was too young to go then, plus my mom said grandpa cussed too much along the river bank for me to go at that age;) ..lol
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