Best crossbow for the money

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  1. Looking to buy a new crossbow. What kind do you shoot? Would you recommend it to a friend? What do you like most about the brand/model you shoot? Thanks in advance for all input.:biggrin:

  2. HORTON!!! haha j/k Excalibur is the best imo
  3. Its like buying a car - in any given brand there is the good, the bad, and the ugly - ya got ta be a li'll lucky - ya usually get what ya pay for - i have a ten point and really like it - dang :whistle::mischeif:

    btw - some guys are hard on equipment so ya have ta factor that in with the stories on here
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  4. Geezer that is an excellent point
  5. dang

    For the money.... Barnett. Love mine. Less than $400 gets you a quality, accurate bow. 3rd season with my wildcat and it still functions like new. Still use the original string. Just this last fall I hit a 2 liter at 85 yards. Not that you should shoot one that far but man is it accurate. Maybe a ten point is better, but for how much they cost, they better make me breakfast and call in deer. They cost too much for me to be able to enjoy.

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  6. Yea and field dress it too.

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  7. Excalibur Matrix 330 for recurve and Mission MXB 320 for compound.

    Both have lifetime warranty and you can do maintenance yourself. Both are accurate, light, and easy cock.

    I have been shooting crossbows for almost 30yrs and these imo best buys.
  8. Im telling you check out the Barnett recruit and raptor. They are awesome.

    I just bought the raptor. Its super light (6lbs), accurate and compact. My raptor shoots 330fps (150lbs limbs) and is only 16 inches wide. Comes with a 4x lighted scope(not the best of quality),3 bolts, camo dipped and cocking string. It is amazing. I bet it will be the best selling xbow in 2014. I bought mine from digital oasis for $330 free shipping. Its the best bang you can get.

    The recruit is the same bow only it shoots 300fps(130lb limbs) and does not come in camo(black only). Im not sure if you get a scope. Most kits I have seen are red dot only. It is only $243.

    If you hunt from a blind or stand this is the bow for you. I still cant believe how narrow it is and still puts out blazing speed.

    I still have my old horton. Its feels like a tank compared to this bow. The Horton will be my backup. Hopefully to never see daylight again.

    If you have a Dicks sporting goods near you, they carry them. I went and shot it there, only to find it was 399 plus tax. I felt bad not buying locally but money doesnt grow on trees.:whistle:
  9. I think the Mission is a great bow. I shot one the other day. Its a little pricey but you cant go wrong with Mathews customer service. I was really close to buying this bow but got the barnett raptor instead. Since I shoot my regular bow most of the time, I figured I would save 350 and get the barnett.

    The Excals are great bows and easy maint. but its like you have your 3 wood sideways on the end of the bow. Its way to wide. Plus the cocking weight is ridiculous. I saw the new bow they have. It has a 290lb pull weight. Are you kidding me???:coco:.. Sounds like a back problem waiting to happen. It is tried and true technology though.
  10. Hey knightfan, can you shoot the same bolts from your Horton in the Barnett and the mission crossbows or do you have to change the nocks?
  11. same nock

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  12. Horton

    I know Horton is out of business, but you can find new ones on e-bay and I seen one on another forum brand new Horton 175# ultra-lite, which I have and like. I had a real tree express for years and really like it also. I have killed a lot of deer with them, reliable, accurate and reasonably priced. I really hated it when they went out of business but you can find about any part on the internet. Just my two cents.
  13. Really, any new crossbow you buy is going to be the 'best one for the money'.
  14. Not really...I'm sure there are a few that are lemons. Just wanted to narrow my list down to ones that people have had good experiences with.
  15. Yes, the Horton and Barnett shoot half moon nocks. I am not positive about the Mission, I really didn't look at that aspect.

    In reality every guy is going to say the bow they have is best. I know for my situation it suits me well. You can take ideas from each person, go to a couple shops and shoot as many as possible. The perfect bow will be the one you like for your budget.

    Trust me, I haven't found the perfect bow and I am certain most will say the same. There are many pros and cons to each. So, to each their own. Find your bow!

  16. I would look at and shoot.

    10 point
    CamX (newer company) but have heard good things. I think made in Ohio

    Go over to crossbow nation. Lots of info, maybe to much.:yikes:
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  17. Thanks again knightfan...just visited crossbow nation website. Loads of info!
  18. No problem!! If you get something let me/us know and give us your opinion.

    Good Luck!