Best blind for bowhunting

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  1. Any suggestions on a good ground blind for bowhunting? How is the shoot thru mesh anyone tried it? Input greatly appreciated
  2. I have several "dog house" versions set up around our little piece of paradise. I've hunted squirrel, turkey and deer from them with bows, shotguns and rifles. Fixed broad heads slice through the mesh screens without any problem. Users are warned never to shoot a firearm through the screens.

    Not all screens are alike. Number, size, height and method of attachment all vary. Most blinds have four screens but not always. Size and shape can also vary which affects range of view. The height is not always the same from one manufacturer to another and has a direct impact on your comfort. Velcro(R) is the most secure method of attachment but also the most noisy to adjust or remove.

    I used to concern myself with "brushing them in." I've discovered it's not necessary around our place. Squirrels, turkey and deer have on several occasions come up very close.

    You do need to anchor them. They will withstand a lot of wind, but only if you do your part in staking them down well.

    The shock-cord supports are weak and they vary both in diameter and length between manufacturers, so you must be very specific when ordering replacements. One may withstand a wet snow while another succumbs to a heavy rain.

    Zippered doors are the Achilles heal of my ground blinds. Eventually and inevitably they fail. Most have lasted more than a decade, though.

    Having and using more than one blind is both a blessing and curse. A good part of my deer season is spent playing woodland checkers: moving blinds again and again.

    A comfortable and QUIET chair adds exponentially to their functionality. Snoring attracts most woodland creatures.

    I played Tarzan for years and years, but I finally came down from the trees, got out of the weather, found the comfort and safety of having both feet on the ground was good, and I've never have looked back.
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  3. Great input Blackcat. I still go up a tree on occasion but 4 of my last 5 deer were taken with a crossbow from the ground. Two from a blind and two just with good back cover. I love blinds for late season. Trees offer no cover with leaves down and the cold is brutal up a tree in the wind. I buy cheap ones as I leave them out on public land. I have one better one that I set up on private. You can tell the difference. Get what you pay for.
  4. I went to the fabrick store bought a piece of cammo fabrick hemed it, finished it is 4ft high 4 or 5 ft long. It fits in my pack folded up, I can set it up any place and sit behined it . Works well.
  5. I really like my ameristep I got off amazon for $70, cant beat it. It came with shoot through mesh which I removed immediately. I like it for something more permanent and a place I can sit and enjoy my time in and read or do whatever and not worry about getting busted by movement. My father really likes his ghost blind and I would like to get one myself to use in place of my climber. I don't ever use the zippers on the blinds, they're just way too loud especially in the colder months, if you brush them in well enough you don't need to zip yourself in. Or if you have to use the zipper for the door, leave two sides not tied down and you can just tip it over and climb in. I never use the stakes they come with either because a good wind and your blind is going flying! I tie it down to trees around the blind instead and never had an issue.
  6. Just make absolutely sure that the windows are low enough. I have a couple blinds that I actually have to put a rope over and pull down just to ensure they are low enough. These are ameristep and baronett. Each manufacturer has a variety of window configurations. I have never shot through the mesh on a blind. I've killed dozens of turkeys and several deer from them but I just open very few windows and leave the rest blacked out. I know a guy who shot a muzzleloader through mesh and the blind caught on fire.
  7. drawing a bow is easier in the larger blinds too, so your weapon of choice also affects which blind size you need
  8. There are so many out there these days it would be hard to say which one just like bows ,rifles and shotguns .. It is which ever one best fits you and your style of hunting . I prefer the bigger and taller ones just for the purpose of having just that lil extra room to move around. Like some said earlier as long as they are brushed in good and put them out as early as possible before you hunt ..
  9. My wife made a bad hit on a deer years ago from a blind. 15 yard broadside. Couldn't figure out what happened till days later I saw the hole in the blind. Her red dot was above the opening but the bolt was not.
  10. I had a friend that has a farm here in PA, one year in deer season when it was rainy out him and his wife were sitting in his truck that was parked on a hill top in one of his fields. Some deer entered the field below them and started across. By the time my buddy got out of his truck they were just starting to enter the woods on the other side, it was doe season so he got on one of the last deer that he thought was a good sized one and touched a round off. They ran into the woods, so he started up the truck and they drove down to where he thought they entered the woods. He left the truck run to clean the windows of that were starting to steam up from them setting inside. He started looking for blood or the deer and couldn't find either, he couldn't understand how he could have missed. Then when he went into the woods and started looking his wife started blowing the horn, thinking that the deer came back into the field he ran out of the woods only to see a cloud of steam coming from his truck. Upon inspection he found that the bullet had hit his hood and traveled down through his radiator. He was very upset especially when I asked him if he had tagged his truck. About the blinds, I think bigger is better. You never know when multiple people may be in it. Better to have more room and not need it then to need it and not have it. Good luck hunting and be safe.
  11. Thanks for all the input I'm going to get a big blind my wife hunts and my daughter will be out there soon.