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Becoming disheartened here...

Discussion in 'Ohio Catfish Anglers' started by atrkyhntr, Jan 21, 2003.

  1. I can't belive we are posting NEW THREADS on the
    "Biggest threat to Trophy Catfishing"

    Why are we spreading ourselves thin???

    If we cannot stick together on this forum and toe a straight line then how are we going to pool together to work fora common cause???

    I am becoming very disheartened here... :(

    Look at the various new threads that have started and are spreading us thin. hmnmmnn
  2. I think right now everyone has very bad cabin fever and when it warms up they all will be back.;)

  3. No reason to be disheartened, my friend. Our ultimate goal is still in sight. However, the cabin fever is definitely a factor. I will be calling the IRS office tomorrow morning and hopefully getting their paperwork this week. At work today I simply didn't have any time to make any phone calls. Tomorrow looks much better.
  4. I see this site in a little bit of a depression with the membership applications slowing, but I think that things will speed back up and the lull will subside.
  5. Yes

    I noticed the same thing, even from the start quite alot of posts all over the place. I don't see anyone agreeing to anything except that they like to catch catfish, maybe protect flatheads & then channel cats are okay to harvest all you want ?
    This is probably why it's never been done. Catfish anglers are very independant and don't sem to do well as a group. That's my opinon and observation. I might add, that's more/less an Ohio thing, because on the national boards it's a little different. If it's not in full swing soon, it's not going to have much support. Once the fishing season starts, this willl be forgotton. Unless of course when size & catch rates are down. Then people will wonder why we didn't do something.
    It's going to have to be EASY.......
    Like some quick emails, sign a petition, etc. Anything more than that, I don't think we'll much support.
  6. Agreed......But really I lost interest once I found out that commercial fishing was only done in the Erie District???? I thought Commercial netters were taking tons of Cats from the Ohio River in Ohio?????
  7. Some great ideas, however I believe reality set in long ago.......
  8. ..... a small flickering ember once fanned by a small but growing breeze can touch off even the biggest of fires.....

    Seems to me that its unAmerican to quit something before you even start hmnmnmnn :(

    There is plenty of good that can be done overtime once we get started and drag other catman into the fold... Seems to me the Ohio River can be helped in the long run ...
  9. I'm still up for it. We can't overlook the fact that 10 of us are not going to attract any attention. Just a fart in the wind:p Seriously though, we can do all the research imaginable......put something together and make an argument that is very convincing. Then, maybe something might happen. Obviously we have found that this info is hard to come by, nothing directly specifically to the catfish industry, population and fishery.
  10. Well, through all of our discussions, I've kind of lost track of the issue at hand, but still support whatever it is we want to do. My question, though, is what is it we want to accomplish -- what's our "Mission Statement"? First, it was gamefish status, but then I hear there is no such classification in Ohio. Then we talked commercial fishing, and I hear that it's Kentucky that allows commercial fishing in the Ohio River, not Ohio. So, what is our goal? To raise support and awareness for the preservation of catfish/flatheads, or are we talking about proposing some sort of limits or regulations, or what? Maybe this has already been discussed and I just missed it :confused: ?
  11. On their own the DNR used the term gamefish, when asked questions they said that term does not exist for them.
  12. CW

    I tried to put together my thoughts & reasoning on it. I'm going to work up a more formal mission statement. Mostly IMHO would be to have flats, channels , blues (if they ever come off endangered status) protected with a creel & size limit. A limit of 10 catfish (flats, channels, blues) total daily. Only one fish over 30" ( or maybe 25" or 28"??) and NO fish over 40" harvested.
    My reasoning is posted somewhere reguarding identification problems, and also because channels should be protected too. I guess I'll draft a proposal, and then I will explain the thinking behind the points. Then we can see who's willing to get behind it. With the organization & support of enough people, I think in time, we'll get it done.
    Even though the Ohio River commercial fishing doesn't fall under Ohio jurisdiction, the Ohio Anglers do. So that will help alot too. Even if the regulations are different in the Ohio River, I guarantee you that most Ohio licensed anglers will still abide by Ohio restrictions.
    Creel & size limits. It's a start, and will prevent someone from cleaning out streams & rivers, and other areas trotlines, etc that can presently be used to harvest unlimited amounts of catfish. It won't restrict their use, but will limit the HARVEST and SIZE. What if someone had a record day like Robbie had & kept those beauties? They are well within the law at this time, by means other than just rods & reels too. Same way when I caught several nice ones, or that monster, it would be nice to know it was protected & anyone who catches it in the future would have to release it. Same way when FHM had a banner day with his friend & caught 17 flatheads. As it stands, someone could put a legal trotline, or 50 limblines there & take all those fish out. At least with a 10 fish limit, that would stop that & also only one over 30" would save the big ones. That's how this will help everyone who like to catch catfish. They would not only gain respect, but protection as well.
    Once we get the non-profit status & the web site up, within a few years, there will be some changes. Eventually we can pressure KY & IN maybe into agreeing to having Ohio River restrictions on the cats, and maybe a size limit for the commercial guys. That would be down the road. Along with maybe something limiting paylakes from buying wild fish? I think first we need to concentrate to get cats protected with some restrictions.:)
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  13. Boy O Boy can we use something to that affect so I can add it to the website template...

    We also can use maximus information about flatheads-channels-blues for the website too... or send me a link where I can get same ;)
  14. I'm gonna email In-Fisherman and see if they have any info on the subject. I still have not received the info from Missouri, I think the guy forgot about it?:eek: :(
  15. I have emailed infisherman several times on this issue, wanting there thoughts and hoping for some help from them..Never got a reply:(
  16. I imagine thye rec'v allot of email daily and simply can't keep up so just pick and choose what even is read... :(
    I own a guide service and I rec'v daily a minimum of 20-25 emails :eek:
    Just think what they must rec'v !!!
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