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  1. I have never trained a dog before, for hunting. My brother in law and I guy rabbit hunting and aren't too successful, we don't have a dog.

    What are the first steps in selecting a hunting dog, training them to taking them on the first hunt.

    Thanks for any info!!!
  2. Talk to some of the local hunters with dogs. See what they are using and most of the time they will take you out to see how the dogs work and even help you train your dogs with their's. I had saddle back beagles growing up and when they passed a way we just didn't get anymore dogs, because I went off the college then. But allowing your dogs to train with trained dogs is a plus and your dog will pick up on it and start running rabbits.

  3. That's a good idea. Are there different size beagles? I have heard people say something about getting a beagle in a certain size. What does that mean?
  4. It's the way they are built and the height. Big ears or small, depending on where your hunting. Things of that nature.
  5. So, does 13 and 15 inch mean how tall they are or how long?
  6. Is there advantage to one or the other?
  7. Shorter dog can get though the under brush better.
  8. What about cocker spaniels. Anyone hunts rabbits with them? Some one I know had one, probably one of the smartest dogs I have seen.
  9. Great dog, but the long hair on them will pick up all the burrs and debris. Get a short hair type dog and you will have alot less debris on the dog at the end of the day.;)
  10. LMAO..............I never thought about that...........they would come back looking like a brilo pad:D
  11. I would stay away from field trial beagles, my experience with them is they trail a rabbit way to slow..Now if you have all day to wait on one rabbit they are okay:D I have had a few good beagles always started them out with an older dog.
  12. There is so much bad rap for the trial beagle! Why is this? The truth is you either have a good dog or you dont. A trial dog is no differant than any other dog. It is how you train it that counts. I have people tell me that trial dogs hang out around your feet. Trial dogs are some of the best in the area, when they are trained by someone who knows dogs. The trial dogs I run with will catch the rabbit and kill it, can yours? Anyway, contact a beagle club in your area, or go to a feild trial and tere will be tons of guys there selling good pureblood begles of all different types. Most all of them are also hunters and more than willing to help you out. Hope this helped!
  13. CritterGitter

    CritterGitter Staff Member Super Mod Mod

    Hey BottomBouncer, I have a 13 inch beagle. She is only 17 months old and been out about 3 times last winter and about 5 times this year. She is full blooded beagle but not AKC registered or from some club. I got her for $50 and she is really starting get good at running the rabbits. I have used a combo of taking her out with my buddy's dog and letting her sight run some rabbitts that showed up in the back yard over the summer. From the begining it was obvious that she had the instincts! When you go and see a litter of pups you want to see them in the field. Most pups don't really know what they are doing. I got mine when she was 4 months old and picked her because she showed a willingness to get in the thickets. She came out with a big ole briar on her hind end and I knew she would be a good one! Well, it's time to get her out there and see what we can do. Good luck!
  14. Sounds good CG. I talked to a guy who brought his new beagle pup into where I work a couple nights ago. Good looking dog, made me want one even more. I guess he only paid about $250 for it. Got it from a guy around Merengo.
  15. CritterGitter

    CritterGitter Staff Member Super Mod Mod

    That's interesting! The guy I got my beagle from lived just outside of Marengo! Oh by the way, we didn't do so well on Saturday. She ran a few, but no shots??? Good luck!
  16. What was the name of the guy you got your's from? My dad's side of the family lives in that area and has a lot of beagles, I believe they sell them?

    Must be a popular area for beagle breeders:)
  17. No diff between a 13" and 15" a good beagle will trounce the thickets no matter how tall .... My experience is that females hunt better then males but there are exceptions.... We raised trial dogs for years so no worries there what you do not want is a "brace" trail beagle OMG you can crawl faster!!!
    There should be no need to pay more then $250.00 for a dog that is already running and when you run a dog insist on doing so in an area you know... Many times a dog will run like a champ in its own area(s) because they have been there done that... so be careful... After your purchase of a beagle do not run it for several weeks simply to let this dog know you are now the man because it will see you feeding it, watering and showing love... love that dog to death the first couple weeks including rub downs and scratching all over.... after it runs that 1st rabbit show that beagle undying attention with atta boys or girls and plenty of acculades..... it may not understand the words but your emotions will come thru strong!!!
    Only one thing better then a beagle on the trail and thats two ;)
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