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Beagle running/tailgating

Discussion in 'Ohio Small Game Hunting' started by R and D kennels, Sep 20, 2012.

  1. Guys, I have been thinking a get together running beagles and tailgating would be fun. I work in the meat dept. at The Fresh Market we have the best meat period IMO! We have numerous varieties of sausage, chorizo, sweet and hot Italian, Andouille, cheese infused, herb infused etc etc, you get the point. Anyway, whenever I get another Saturday off, I will plan this event for Caesars Creek, but only if there is enough interest. Let me know if this sounds like a good idea.
  2. Lemme know!

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  3. I'll be there in spirit, you all are way too far across the state for me. I am just excited about all the activity on the small game forum this year. So a full report and pictures are a must if you guys do this. :)

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  4. Come on blue!! We got places to stay, kennels for the dogs, it could a good time!

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  5. Doesn't necessarily need to be Caesers Creek. If there is enough interest from around the state we could meet at a central location and many could even ride share to cut down on gas. Example: Killdeer Plains has a lot of rabbitat and it's about mid state.
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  6. I may be interested as long as it's after the rut. :)
  7. I run Killdeer. Never been to Ceasers before but would be willing to try it.
  8. If it fits in the schedule, I in!
  9. Sounds like a good time. Would be fun to meet some of you.depending on when and where id be interested.

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  10. Killdeer seems to be the one that averages out the distance for all of us. Might plan this in the spring, I don't need a dog shot due to some weekend warrior hunter during season.
  11. Is killdeer up around marion

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  12. \
    Yes Sir !
  13. dont know if killdeer would be any good . hunted there a couple of years ago and we hit three nice looking spots and the dogs never got the first rabbit up. i tell u one thing i drive I 30 a lot through that area and ive been seeing a lot of hawks. counted 17 in a five mile stretch one day
  14. They do have alot of hawks at killdear, but me and a couple other guys still manage to run/ kill some rabbits. The hawks usually get the easy pen raised pheasant and the wounde waterfowl before they get the rabbits.

    I'll prolly be going there prior to seaon opening just to run.

    Now as for morons shooting the dogs..............we wont actually hunt there until after all the pheasant realeases are over. That just leaves the bow hunters, and we try to drive around sections and make sure we dont encroach on anyone.
  15. Have not been to Cesar creek in years.I stopped going because guys were getting there hounds stolen and shot.Hear of any of that going on lately.

  16. Nope all has been well. With the price of gas and feed they figured out it is more lucrative to steal diamond plate boxes lol. Seriously no theft at all and even the vandalism to state property seems to be down. But come gun season, you wont even see me near the place. I do go down to Indian Creek and run some also. I'm always looking for someone to run with because I only run one dog. I like the Gridiron/ought six blood, my dog is GRHBCH LITTLE MIGHTY OZZY x GRHBCH WHITE RIVER ISABELLE.
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  17. My sister lives in marion and ive drove around killdeer some. It looks like theres some good spots there. Ive never hunted it but it looks nice.

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  18. I've heard of this happening at delaware state park as well. A good friend of mine came up on some guy carrying his dog. I have such a bad temper, I want to make sure I don't put myself into a situation I'd have to deal with this.

    I've also heard of people stealing dog boxes. Which is why I've decided to bolt mine to my truck bed. I figure most guys carry bolt cutters to steal cameras and tree stands. Bolting it down will be a little more difficult to get out, when the doors are locked.