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Bad Business

Discussion in 'Sound Off' started by Buckrun, Jan 10, 2003.

  1. Well it is time to gripe. I have a .17 HRM I’ve had it for 3 weeks. I bought it form a gunshop here in Lima. I have a Leupold scope to put on it. Thought I had the rings also. Found out I need extra high rings so I ordered them the next weekend. That would be Dec. 28th. He called in the order while I was standing there. I was led to believe that the rings would be added to an order that was going to be shipped that day. It is coming from SC. Well it has been 2 weeks and no rings. I know it doesn’t take this long for a package to get from SC. to OH.. This guy had a shop and went out of business a number of years ago. Now he has opened up another shop. He had rep for not ordering things until he had enough items to place a big order and save on shipping. But it may take a couple months to get the order placed. I am sure my rings are setting in SC waiting for a larger order. I could kick myself for not buying the rings at the last gun show. I had a set in my hand and thought I had a set ordered. Well I will be buying a set at the next gun show I go to. And he won’t see any more of my business. Which is a shame because he is the only gun shop in Lima.
  2. Buckrun

    I know just how you feel about bad business.
    I a few seasons ago i was shopping around for a new sinker mold, called R & R baitshop on Front St. here in Columbus, they said they had it..i went over and they had everything else BUT that mold i wanted..the store owner said he could order it for me and have it at the latest 10 days! I pre-paid for it in full and waited for the call..about the 9th day i called.he said it wasnt in yet...the 13th day..NOPE...the 19th day..notta...i finally around the 24th day talked to his wife, daughter, whoever and she said he just ordered it THAT day...and told me he always waits til he gets a lot of orders before sending them out to save on shipping..i was extremely hot about this....the day he finally called me(about the 29th day after i first paid for it) i went in to pick it up...the owner was the one who handed it to me..i said, you told me 10 days or less..its takin a month to get it because you wanted to save on shipping cost..If he would have told me straight up how it was when i ordered it..i would have NOT!
    i said i will NEVER order another thing from you and will tell all the other anglers i know, not to deal with you either...
    He has no idea how much business i steered away from his place just because he wanted to save a few dollars on shipping, i could have ordered it stright from Do-It mold myself, saved time AND money.

  3. I dont see how either of these places stay in business:(
  4. I have had problems with R&R also. I call around looking for parts for my bow and they say" Sure , we have it. I will set it out for you." Then I drive 35 mins to the place and they then say they don't have the part and I asked for the person I talked to and of course they just left and will be back in a few days. Just pisses me off.:mad:
  5. Buckrun,

    Call him and cancel your order and tell him why. If he loses enough business and he knows why, perhaps he will change, if not you loose nothing.
  6. let me guess on Rob Ave right. After we talked about him I heard some not so flattering stuff.
  7. Well I guess he will have extra high rings the next time I need them. If I go there:mad: I went to Kramers Gun Shop this morning and found the rings I wanted.:) Now should I call him and let him know I won't be needing them. I think I should go and see him face to face and tell him why I don't need them now. :mad:

  8. I hate when that happens

    Anymore I do most of my ordering off the internet. with what you save on tax pays for the shipping & the time & gas spent chasing it down. FHM- Jann's & Barlows is the place to order your lead molds from. Saves you $$ too !
  9. I do 90% of my shopping on the internet too... I have a seperate checking account with a debit card that I only place money in when I am making a purchase... SORRY I still don't trust my account numbers going over the WWW even though I have a couple websites that except cards :rolleyes:
    Try to give the guy a break if you were in his shoes trying to make a living in this economy you may do as he does too ;)
    Even though he should say something about the reason for the delay in getting you your order(s)
  10. I would like to know if the order was going to be put off until he has a complete order. Instead he led me to believe that the order was being shipped out that day. The last time I called and asked if the rings were in yet he said “they are on their way but so is Christmas”. To me that is just a smart a$$ thing to say. I have been waiting for rings for 2 weeks for a gun I bought from him! Don't try to be funny to cover your phony bull sh--!

    PS- Enough of this I am going to move on I now have a set of rings on the hummer, they have been lapped, the Leuplod is mounted and I am ready to go to the range for sight in.:D
  11. Gunshop here in the Columbus area does that, the difference being he lets you know right up front how he works those orders, he doesnt leave you out on a limb waiting for your stuff, personally I wouldnt want my phone ringing off the hook or bent customers walking through my door on a daily basis(at all for that matter) you would think on a set of rings or a mold that they have to be making little money on the deal, so why go through all the hassle to BS your customers and lose business over change? doesnt make sense:confused:
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