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What a great year we had. Our friends line up all the land, provide us a place to stay, and they feed us like kings. The most expensive part is our tags. We ended with 3 bucks and 3 does. I killed two small does (one we ate during the fish/deer fry) and a nice 7pt. It's truly fun to gun hunt during the rut, even though it wasn't on hot and heavy. Add to it that you can use rifles and it's pretty awesome. Although all my shots were within 100 yards the killing power is amazing. I shoot a Ruger American in .308 with Federal Fusion 150gr bullets. My first doe dropped, the second floundered but went about 20 yards, and my buck went about 30 yards. The buck came in straight at me and I shot him through the front of the chest at about 20 yards. I truly love that shot, it takes the heart out and they are dead pretty quick with no meat damage. The last pic you can see where it tore through the heart.
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