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Bachelor party ideas

Discussion in 'Sound Off' started by cowboyruggee, Apr 20, 2017.

  1. I need help with bachelor party ideas for my brother. I had sky diving planned but i think we are going to get rained out! Its on 4/29. Lmk what you think. We can travel anywhere in Ohio. Prefer indoor activities if its going to rain. Thx
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  2. Jigging for spawning walleyes/bar hop put in bay!
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  3. Put n bay.... or Rent a party bus. What ever ya do,be sure to tell him don't let her eat the wedding cake....
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  4. Indoor activities, didn't c that. My mind read outdoor sorry. Indoor activities if he doesn't have kids with her and isn't in to deep yet take him to the mall or like IKia? Or babysrus And have him watch all the other married couples and let him rethink his decision.....haha
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  5. Lol why can't she eat the cake?
  6. X2 on put n bay.. that's were we went for my bachelor party last August. Took the kayaks along with us. Had a great time
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  7. Well as legend has it. After some wemen eat wedding cake it does something to their brain. With in the first month after digesting the wedding cake it has been known to

    1 Completly kills Awoman's sex drive.
    2 Causes them to be highly irritated with things a man did.That once was okay./ Hunt,fish,hangout with buddies.
    3 iIt creates a honey dew list that never ends.
    4 In the 8thand 9th month of pregnancy you wonder why, Hallmark has not capitalized on sympathy cards for the husband.
    5 When the kid comes out, you realize it acts just like your wife did when she was pregnant crying one moment, laughing the next, eating the next, then sleeping and the cycle repeats!!
    6 Then you realize that new boat or 1972 Suped up Chevy Nova isn't going to be in the garage as soon as you thought.
    7 You have a found appreciation for the fella who made yoga pants. Yet if you had a beer with him you wouldn't know if you wanted to punch him in the face or not.For showing you that you have a chain.
    8 You realize the cake was a symbol of your love for her. It's now your holding camp until death.
    9 If you married the right woman it's worth all this and more.As long as the wedding cake doesn't effect her!
  8. I got my brother and all our buddies together and we all had "a few" then went go-carting. it got pretty competitive. but was a real good time. after that, had a bon fire and hung out. low key, and perfect. mine was a big deer drive and a bon fire. both were perfect.
  9. Haha go carting I recall some aggressive racing at a bachelor party I was a part of and I was asked to relinquish my cart. It did make it a bit more memorable however I would pick walleye any day over the go cart ride.
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  10. I am with you wingshooter, but he wants an indoor activity. I would fish in the rain, no doubt about it.