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Awesome GSP Breeding, AKC and NAVHDA registered.

Discussion in 'Upland Game hunting, Dogs and dog training' started by dreampoint, Sep 1, 2012.

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    Hi everyone,

    I'm very excited to announce this breeding! It is very similar to last years breeding between Dreampoint Aspen and Cooper vom Stillwater. This year we bred our very own Aspen to Chase vom Stillwater. Chase is a litter-mate of Cooper so we expect the same terrific results and beautiful puppies. Aspen and Chase are both experienced and excellent hunters of wild birds. They have hunted wild birds in Canada, Iowa, Ohio, Michigan, South Dakota, and Kansas. This a line breeding, so we are quite confident of the puppies' potential. These puppies will have an amazing amount of natural ability, and I will give each puppy all the exposure possible, before they go to their new homes. Our old site ( also has a link to our new site ( The new site will be loaded with new pictures and information about this breeding. The litters pedigree has not been added to the new site yet, but can be viewed at the old site. This litter's due date is October 7th, and we are currently interviewing and taking deposits from perspective homes. Below is a description of Aspen and Chase. Attached is a picture of each, they really are beautiful dogs.
    Dreampoint Aspen is a dream come true. She is 24" at the shoulders and weighs 54 lbs. Her biggest asset is her cooperation in the field, water or in the home. She is a real sweet heart, and will do anything to please me. Always calm in the home, she really turns it on when it's time to hunt. She adjusts her range in the field depending on the cover and always hunts for me. She is a natural retriever and she naturally backed at a young age. She achieved a 112 prize 1 in natural ability at 9 mos. of age and a UT score of 200 prize 2. Her hips are OFA certified Excellent.
    Her mother (Aeress vom Stillwater) achieved a 112 prize 1 natural ability score at 6 mos. of age, and a UT prize 2.
    Her father ( Behnke vom Bergland) achieved a prize 1 in natural ability at 8 mos. and a UT prize 1.
    I believe Aspen received her cooperative nature from both her mother and father which were both excellent hunting companions and great in the home.

    Chase vom Stillwater is a beautiful male with great instincts. He has a medium powerful build and weighs 60 lbs. He has a great nose and is all business in the field or water. He is a hard charging medium ranging tireless hunter. He loves to be worked in the field or in the water and can't get enough of it. He achieved a UT prize 1 at an early age and went on to almost achieving his VC title while he was still very young. His hips are also OFA certified Excellent.
    His mother (VC Gilly vom Stillwater) is an awesome dog that achieved the title of Versatile Champion and has given birth to many great hunting dogs.
    His father (VC Sundance Revelation MH) is described as the "real deal." He has achieved both the Versatile Champion title and the Master Hunter title. He has also sired many great litters.
    If you are looking for a hunting/testing dog or just a great companion.
    Thank you,
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  2. Aspen's pregnancy

    Jay, I wrote down you phone number incorrectly. So I thought I'd post the answer here. Yes, this is the second litter Aspen is about to have. She is getting pretty big, so I'm guessing it's going to be a big litter again. Her first litter she had 11 puppies. The first litter pups are all doing great. In fact two of her pups are running in a NAVHDA NA test next weekend. I am so pumped, I can't wait to watch them perform. The pup I kept from that litter is already fully broke in the field and doing great in his duck searches and tracks. He's only 14 mos. old.
    Give me a call if you have any other questions,
    Thanks, Ron Behnke
    Mid-Ohio NAVHDA Training Coordinator

  3. Lance

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    Those are some nice looking parents. Good luck with the litter!
  4. Puppies

    Thanks guys,
    Well it finally happened. Aspen delivered her first pup on Oct. 5th. at 8:33 p.m. She delivered her final pup on Oct. 6th. at 1:30 p.m. She gave birth to 7 handsome boys and 4 beautiful girls. :thumbs_up:All 11 pups appear very healthy and eating well. There doesn't even to be any size difference at this point, which means no runt. This is an incredible line breeding with the three most common dogs being VC Gilly vom Bergland, KS Kristain vom Pottseipen and DC Hillhaven's Hustler which are three of the finest GSP's in history. I thought you might like to see picture of the puppies just minutes old.
    Thank you,

    Ron Behnke

    Mid-Ohio NAVHDA Training Coordinator


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  5. Very nice looking litter. Congrats. I showed my wife the puppy pics and she wants them all. Lol
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  6. Thanks Mudkings,
    I can't let you wife have them all, how about 3 or 4? :yikes: