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I have sent the following to our Office of Secretary of State

Requesting appropriate forms required to apply for nonprofit

I need any/all information concerning appropriate forms required to apply for nonprofit in this the state of Ohio... Our group would like to establish our organization by filing articles of incorporation with the appropriate agency (usually the state secretary of state). We are doing this without the guidance of a lawyer, simply using information harvested from the WWW.
If this is not the office we need to contact PLEASE forward us an address or contact information for same. I am sure the office of Attorney General either is or knows who we should be contacting and the appropriate steps we need to take in this venture seeking non-profit status.
THANK YOU for your time and speedy response,
Clyde J, Burrie Jr.

Also found publication 557 which is needed to petition the IRS for non-profit status.
Lets just say moving forward.... :cool:

Almost, well did, forget to add this:
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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