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Athens co.

Discussion in 'Deer Camp Talk' started by Edensjr, Aug 27, 2012.

  1. Today was a chance of showers and then 60% tonight. Wondering if you guys locally would chime in to let me know if it does rain up that way. Have a buddy that planted some plots Saturday and desperately need rain. Thanks.
  2. dang doan he have a phone...i do know this from what i saw,athenss is lots better off than us here in columbus and its rained a good bit here today...some went south of us perhaps athens got some too...:D...but the woods in athens is so thick...creeks all had water...corn 12 foot tall in the river bottoms...:D

  3. I'm in hocking an it rained a lil this afternoon not much to speak about but then about 6 to 7:30 it rained pretty good so it should help but if no rain for a few eels get ahold of me I have mobile watering rig ;)

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  4. I agree the creeks all have water and the woods are lush and thick in Athens. We planted 4 plots Saturday and need the rain to jump the seed out of the ground. No rain in forecast till sat. Every little bit is needed for the seeds to jump.
  5. one scorching day and that water is sucked outta the ground...most of my day is spent watering the turf and flowers...and athens is usually a few degrees hotter than columbus,but i think they got more rain this in columbus we get missed bout everytime the rest of ohio gets it...:irked:
  6. My plots are in a valley which seems to hold the morning dew fairly well. A nice rain in the evening will help. add that to the rain on Saterday it should sprout... What I would be worried about is after the sprout. If it gets really dry the sprouts will die.
  7. Yea worried for sure. The spring plots were hit and miss so we tilled and replanted most of the plots with green patch plus and shot plot clover and brassicas.
  8. Yea it rained very little here today and its not raining now
  9. Issac should bring a drink for everyone

    Issac should bring a drink for everyone