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Article on New Berkley PowerBaits...

Discussion in 'Warm Water Species Fishing' started by rrbski, Jan 12, 2003.


    In Pursuit Of The World’s Number One Sportfish

    SPIRIT LAKE, IOWA - It may be hard to believe but the number one sportfish in the world, that is, the most sought after fish by fisherman, is the carp. In the United States, the carp’s popularity is quickly growing and carp enthusiasts are gaining ground. Berkley, the world leader in carp bait production, now offers Power Bait Carp Bait to make that next carp outing a trip to remember.

    Power Bait Carp Bait is a chunk form bait with the proven carp Power Bait attracting scent and flavors of strawberry and corn added. This new bait is a result of extensive testing with carp, both in the laboratory and the field. Hundreds of formulas were tried with thousands of carp caught. As a result, carp anglers no longer have to make their own baits, Power Bait Carp Bait is prepackaged in strawberry and corn flavor. The messy concoction of bran flakes mixed with strawberry soda will be a distant bad memory.

    Carp can feed anywhere in the water column from the bottom up to the surface but they most often feed along the bottom. They will suck in silt and food and then spit it out into the water. Food is then sucked back in as it is momentarily suspended off the bottom. Power Bait Carp Bait is ideal for this feeding habit. The chunks, with their distinctive texture, odor and flavor the carp find appealing, are easily identified as food.

    Berkley Power Carp Bait is packaged in 6-ounce bags and has a suggested retail price of $3.69.

    To find out more about the Berkley Power Bait Carp Bait or for the nearest Berkley retailer, call Berkley Angler Services at 1-800-BERKLEY.

  2. Nice article!! Thanks for sharing Bob.;) I'm going to give it a try this year.;)

  3. Good

    Now I won't feel left out. I wonder how they'll actually perform?
  4. DIG IT !!!

    Carp bait for the Simpletons out here !!!! ( like me)

    LOL:D :D

    BOB Is that already out??? , I have not seen it at the store just yet
  5. Is it out?????

    Here's a post I made about this a couple weeks back on another site....finding the article made me feel a bit better about it.

    Was walkin through Gander Mtn the other day and ran across something on the shelves I'd never seen before...Berkley PowerBait for carp. They sent me some to field test a couple years back that I didn't like at all...too hard...too rubbery...wouldn't break down and dispense flavor in the water. Anywho....if it's got something to do with carp I generally pick it up so picked up a bag of the strawberry and corn (only flavors I saw).

    When I got it home I gave it a couple initial tests...1st thing I liked with the softness and great scent...3) when I put it in water it floats...I like fishing popped up baits so that's a big plus. 4) Timed it in the water for over an hour and observed it's action...nice slow breakdown dispensing little particles the whole time and by the end the whole cup of water had taken on the scent. 5) Tried this same test in another cup of water...this time with LOTS of crushed ice in it to keep the water really cold....although much slower to react at the end of an hour it still had changed the color of the water some and had broken down a tad.

    All in all it's passed the "in house" tests...think this one will have some potential so will probably be giving it a go this year.
  6. Great News there

    I imagine only the upscale ( no pun intended) fishingtackle stores will carry this stuff for awhile, then it will most likely catch on at the other retail outlets..great info Bob !!
  7. I was really tickled in finding this one available here in the states....Berkley has a whole line of carp baits/tackle etc that it markets in Europe and the UK....our market for it here just hasn't been strong enough for them to market them here. They've got some great dips etc. I'd like to see available here too. One day maybe. :)
  8. BassPro

    Do you think BassProshops would carry that Berkely Carp Bait Bob?


  9. I would say yes as they sell other berkley powerbait stuff. At least an initial test run to see if it sells....then supply and demand will kick in. Doubt that it will start showing anywhere for another month or so...might try calling that 800 number in the article to see where the closest store is that they've sent it to.
  10. Oooops

    Youd think I was a Spongehead or something, I didnt even see that number above MY BAD....I shall call that Number and see...............thanks Bob
  11. Bob,

    Is strawberry one of the more common flavors used for carp fishing?

    This post about the powerbait in strawberry flavor brought back old memories from high school in 1970. I used to make batches of doughball using strawberry jello and cornmeal, cook it up add a little cotton to keep it on the hook and you had a bait that sure worked for us.

    Big Walnut Creek was right behind our highschool (Walnut Ridge) and a few of us used to always cut class and go catch some carp from the creek. Our school lockers looked like tackle boxes.

  12. thanks for the info,bob.maybe now i won't have to listen to the wife when i'm cookin' up bait in the kitchen:rolleyes: plus save myself some time,if that stuff works.

    lundy....i just used cornmeal/flour with vanilla in my younger days,and it worked great.high school in 1970?geeze,i thought you were old;) guess i'm just old:( ;) walnut ridge was one of our "rivals",with pickerington being #1 ,in the early 60's,but i hung out with a couple guys from "the ridge" anyway:D ;)cause they all weren't bad ;)
  13. i also saw a new one by berkley as well..its call power naturals baits. the only packages that i saw were earthworms,maggots,and corn. they looks real to me..
  14. Lundy....

    strawberry seems to be one of the all time favorites...I use it alot too.

    Big Walnut????? One of my favorite carping spots years ago....graduated Hamilton Twp '71.
  15. I went to Dick's today but they didn't have any of that stuff yet.
  16. Glad to hear

    I'm glad to hear that these baits are actually going to work, and not just a marketing ploy. Hope they're the same concoctions they sell in Europe.:)
  17. For anyone that wants some just call the 800 #. You dont have to find a store that carries it, they sell it themselves. I have three bags of each on the way already. I think they said it was $3.29 a bag but I'm not sure about that.:)
  18. for locals around Columbus

    who are interested in picking up some of this new Berkley Carp bait...stop over at "Buckeye Outdoors"..they had a bunch of the corn & strawberry flavors my last trip there(early Dec.) right next to the "catfish" baits and dips!

    Hey Bob glad to see you posted this info. over here..i also posted a thread before this one called "easy carp baits" that was a link to your same post from another forum!:D
  19. MFO wrote: I'm glad to hear that these baits are actually going to work,

    They look/smell like they've got potential...but, no guarantees. Figure I'll mold some around one of my pineapple/banana boilies....lookin forward to giving the stuff a go.

    Thanks FM and JustBob for the info.
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