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Arrow Colors

Discussion in 'Ohio Bowhunting' started by davisw4089, Sep 10, 2012.

  1. I was just wondering If you use camo arrows when you hunt. Does it really matter because I just bought new arrows today Easton Bloodlines and they looked camo at the base but it was just the text Thanks for the replies
  2. I use black gold tips I really don't think it makes a difference unless they cast a glare from the morning sun, that will get u busted

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  3. X2

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  4. Camo here althow they seem to cost more for some reason...

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  5. imo the shaft color of the arrow i could care less about. ive used camo and black. where you really should focus is towards the end. i wrap all my arrows and fletch them in bright colors so i can see them when i shoot and when im lookin for them in the woods. here is some of this years batch

  6. Okay I should be alright then its dark like a carbon color thanks you guys good luck out there this season.

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  7. Nice looking bowstand!

  8. X2, very clever.

    I like the Idea of bright, but I do think a deer can catch them. I use black because sticks are dark and red vanes because deer supposedly aren't to good at seeing them. Do wish I could see them better though.

    Funny thing, I have chickens and getting more because all the critters round here think I'm Farmer McNuggets, I kill'm they just breed more chicken killers. Found a product that supposedly scares them off, a solar powered red flashing light. I thought red was supposedly hard for critters to pick up, but according to the site and testimonials the red light is like a predators eyes. I may have to rethink the whole red thing.
  9. I use dark orange and black vanes along with black shafts. Here is a hunter dressed to the nines in the best camo you could buy and his arrow stick out like a sore thumb. No offence to anyone on here and most don't stalk like I do so it must work for them.

  10. I like to use the arrows that change color in flight.
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  11. I like black arrows with white crests and orange and white vanes, you can see your arrow relatively easily on the forest floor. Also I have a camo burlap hood I slip over the fletchings to keep deer from busting me.
  12. Nice!

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  13. Well hopefully the ones I got change color in flight as well they do have white on the back of the arrow with red and white veins so I could see where a problem could present itself but the rest is all black I'm just hoping to get my first deer this year.

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  14. Black shaft,Pink wraps,white nocks an white feathers..Black bow

  15. You hit the kill zone they change.
    As long as you keep your movement concealed your good. The deer don't care what color they get shot with.
    Good luck
  16. Yeah thanks I have been doing a lot more this year in preparations hopefully it all pays off. Good luck to everyone else as well season is only two weeks away..

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  17. LIVEBLUE23, nice bow set-up ya got there!! Can't make out what kind of arrow rest ur using?? a drop away of some kind??
  18. I am guessing a RipCord Code Red,I maybe wrong though
  19. They do change colors.

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