Arizona sending 60 Elk to West Virginia!!!

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    Hats off to the DNR in "Gods Country"!

    West Virginia is set to receive 60 elk from Arizona as part of a long-term agreement to repopulate the ungulates to their once native land. The recently captured animals, which once roamed the piñon-juniper scrublands between Flagstaff and Winslow, Arizona, will be transferred to the reclaimed coal fields of West Virginia once they clear quarantine, The Republic reports.

    The agreement between the two states supports the West Virginia Elk Restoration Plan, which calls for the reintroduction of elk on at least two southern West Virginia sites. In 2016, 24 elk were relocated from Kentucky, but three of the elk died after the transfer. The 60 elk coming from Arizona will likely be relocated to the Tomblin Wildlife Management Area in Logan County, West Virginia.

    The elk were captured by helicopter and are currently in quarantine. Arizona’s elk were selected because the herds are not only plentiful but also because “they are not known to carry diseases afflicting Rocky Mountain herds elsewhere” and the quarantine is only in place to rule out tuberculosis, according to The Republic. Additionally, diseases like brucellosis or chronic wasting disease haven’t infiltrated these herds, making them the perfect candidates for a state-to-state transfer.

    When they are deemed healthy and disease-free, they’ll travel by double-decker cattle truck. West Virginia Division of Natural Resources Director Stephen McDaniel told The Republic that “restoring native fauna is ‘every wildlife biologist’s goal.”

    While Arizona is supplying the elk, West Virginia is paying for the capture and transfer with assistance from the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation, The Republic reports.
  2. There was an article floating around spring or summer 2017 where the first calf was born or the cow was pregnant from the Kentucky herd in WV. Showed them on a trail camera.
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  3. They introduced them into Tennessee in the late 90s into Scott and Campbell Co (Rural Blue WMA ) and they have been thriving ever since . They have a drawing for 5 people every year now for a bull tag . TWRA built a viewing tower that you have to walk bout a half mile to get too and can watch a whole heard of them grazing in a big food plot on about any giving time . It's especially fun to take the family up in late August or Sep. while they are bugling and watch the show ...
  4. That sad news happened a couple of weeks ago.

    Had there been no mountaintop coal removal to destroy the shape and nature of the land forever, there would have been no elk in eastern KY.
    If there were no elk in eastern Ky then they would not have broken containment of the Tug, etc. and entered WV unbidden.
    If they had not entered WV unbidden then money could be wiser spent and there would not have been the giant and successful push in WV to place whitetails under AG instead of the a start of the problems.
    Much is inter-connected as politics enter wildlife issues and what looks swell on it’s face can have rust just below the surface.

    No wonder stuff happens when a governor with dog-racing roots calls that money-making area home.....WV politics at their most tarnished and a normal ignoring of WV’s wildlife professionals.
    Next, there will likely be a push to infect the eastern mountains with bugles of a species gone.
    For some...they will get what they want...and deserve.
    Winners can quickly turn to Losers.
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    Hope they don't make their way here!! If they do they need to be treated as a nuisance animal and have an open season!!! Elk hunting seems like fun but don't want our Whitetails in competition with those huge critters!!!
  6. That killing plan might be a bit extreme but the likelihood of elk roaming from WV to OH would be a bit more problematic than between KY to WV coalfields.
    Poor elk can’t help themselves....just a shame. :-(
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    17 more are coming from Kentucky this month as well. They sent 24 back in late 2016 to start.

    BC- The pa elk herd and Kentucky elk herd were both started with wild elk and not cervids from game farms. Both have thrived. I am suspecting the elk in pa will someday be infected with cwd from the Deer herd that started there from captive farms.

    Is it possible these could be infected with cwd in some form? IMO.....Maybe........maybe not..... tick tock.....don’t know but I have to tip my hat to the division for trying to improve and implement another potential hunting opportunity and expanding its wildlife resources(Realizing they have the ability and habitat to do so) from cwd free wild herds currently.

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  8. I, too, am all FOR improving and implementing potential hunting opportunities. At my age, I'm not too keen on shooting any more critters bigger than I am, but I would like to leave knowing the opportunity is still available for my descendants, should they wish.

    The native elk on our side of Eden could neither adapt to nor migrate from the excess predation and reduction of survivable habitat caused by the new top dog in their neighborhood: European migrants. I have little confidence that the re-introduction of elk into their former ranges, without mitigating the predation and increasing their survivable habitat will succeed but for a few hunters and prey absent onerous micro-management, similar to that of native fish.
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  9. I think this is awesome, maybe some day WV will have Elk hunting.

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