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are you color blind?

Discussion in 'Sound Off' started by bill_gfish, Jan 7, 2003.

  1. Thats pretty good..I liked it.;)

  2. Chuckle..........

    Yea man, by now I think you would have given in and sported a nice OSU Aveetar for us..............Just for a day or two :D LOL

    In Sporting spirit.............
  3. LOL

    We are lucky to have such good Rivalry and College teams around O-Hio ya know ??? :D
  4. Hey,

    Ya gotta have NADS to be a Blue fan in Columbus right?????

    My Father in law is a dyed in the Blue...... BLUE fan, He takes it to the extreme, so we aint talkin for now :D LOL....Any way, over Xmas we travel up to Detroit to visit, he took us to Frankenmuth, Man !! >>>>> a Buckeyes Sweatshirt got me in some Shiate !!!

    LOL :D
  5. Im not color blind....all i see is Brown and orange and crimsin and grey.......
  6. WARNING do not do this if little children are present. Just scared my girlfriends daughter very bad.
  7. Byrd, sorry about that, didn't mean to scare any children.

  8. Heh, thats a good one. Keep em coming.
  9. Being a Michigan fan in Columbus is not bad. During Michigan week I went to a sub shop to get some food and they were having a OSU party. I walked in with my Michigan hat on and when I entered the place got quiet and I got my food and as I was leaving I yelled " Go Blue " and everyone seemed to show me I was #1. But with a different finger...LOL :D :D ;)

    It's all in fun.;)
  10. bill_gfish, thats alright I know its a joke. But if she has nightmare I will have to call you and keep you up all night LOL;) It also scared the sh## out of me :D
  11. good one, I will get my wife on that in the morning
  12. i must let my wife and son check if they are color blind.Boy that sure charged my batteries
  13. Good one

    I figured it was a joke, then it lulled as it seemed legit !