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Are You A Man Or Are You.........

Discussion in 'Ohio Whitetail Deer Hunting' started by OLDHAT, Jan 18, 2003.

  1. YES, I'll be hunting this weekened also!

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  2. NO, I have to give my wife a manicure!

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  3. I'm exercising my 5th amend. rights

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  1. of those "girly girly men" who thinks it's too cold to hunt?

    I'll be out this weekend (18th and 19th) looking for a Doe, you boys can stay home and paint your toe nails with the Ol' lady while sipping on Tea and watching "Rosie O" reruns on TV.



  2. Well I wont get into the man or mouse statement;)

    But I will be out for a little hunting today. Don't care what the temp is. Just want to get outdoors for a bit.:D

  3. Too cold to hunt.

    I'm going ice fishing instead:)

  4. WAs going to hunt, but the people I was going to go with turned out to be girly men. Then I made plans to go ice fishing, but the girly men said it was too cold.
  5. Kim

    Im with ya.. Its too cold to hunt but Im going ice fishing ;) I have 2 deer anyways and Ive been scouting my normal grounds and they dont have a set pattern right now.
  6. Yep, it's definately cold out there. But the 'yotes gotta eat, and I gotta hunt. Going on my first ever coyote hunt tomm. Got any tips?
  7. I'm going to break some ice and go for a swim.
  8. Hay george are you a member of the polar bear club brrrr to cold for me to be swimming.:D
  9. YEP IM A MAN HEADIN OUT IN THE MORNIN AND DO SOME HUNTIN.hey george where you goin swimmin at.
  10. No freakin way, I am driving 2and 1/2 hrs a day in a truck with no heater, that is enough torture for me:(
  11. I went ice fishing today (Jan 18th) for 12 hours.

    I cooked some chili and slept a while.

    Those new Coleman propane heaters (that are safe for indoors) are reaaaaaally nice.
  12. I'll be out hunting. Rabbit tracks all over the place. Got to get out & work. Os I well hunt for sure. :D
  13. rivers are not froze yet,i might go to hockingport and take a dip.
  14. Just got back from Noble co. I filled all of my tags so my season is over, I spent all day yesterday and today scouting for next season. I seen 2 shooters and 12 other deer and found some real good sign and new area's for next season. Cant wait for my next scouting trip next month. Pike
  15. Been there, done that! Hunted on the 17th and 18th. Over 14 hours total for both days. I'm gonna thaw out for a week, then back at it next weekend!
  16. not to cold to hunt

    i will be going out this weekend 25th&26th, been seing them in the corn feilds during the morrning, 1 in ohio so far and 5 in w.v. one more in ohio would be good!
  17. !!!!!!!!!!!!way to go tampa only one more game.!!!!!!!!!!
    i'm in the same boat as every one else .want to go but no one want to go becouse it tooooo cooooollldddded.but went out by my self any way.
    man was it cold!!!!
  18. Found a really nice scrape while rabbit huntin' on Monday. The deer tore up a bunch of saplings. They were fairly fresh too, within a week. Now if I just had a bow and time!
  19. How "manly" were you when you had to pee on the way home an couldn't find "it"?

    I like to use this philosophy...Is my family starving? if yes go hunting, if no, use your best judgement and prioritize. Are you hunting for your ego or for the tasty protein and outdoor experience? ego, most won't admit it but in truth it's all a man has next to friends and God. The experience, oh ya, time in the woods is time well spent any time., Freezing my cookies off with frost bitten fingers and toes, and frozen snot tends to make my now near 40 body speak more intelligently to my brain. Been there, done that, got nothing to prove but being an extreme hunter. Most importantly and ethically, when bundled up and cold my comfort, flexibility, and accuracy with my bows decreases making me a less effective shot. Sux when reason steals macho thunder huh?