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Are tree climbing gaffs legal on public land????

Discussion in 'Ohio Bowhunting' started by Rod in SC, Sep 8, 2012.

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  2. Nope, They would mar the tree.Penetrate the bark

  3. Call the Odnr & ask, curious as to their response, if any.....
  4. Arguably, even a climbing stand penetrates the bark.
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  6. Based on that Id say its legal. It looks like you cant stick a spike, screw, nail, etc to use for a step but a climbing gaff is pulled out with each step just like the teeth on a climbing stand. Really kind of a gray area there....

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  7. i know a few guys that worked for aep electric and they used em on the wnf but that was a while back when there was no regulations concerning tree damage...i have contacted the wnf for an answer...waitin for a reply...dang had i been thinkin i woulda went down today and asked...:D
  8. Pretty sure it's a no and they cut through the bark unlike a stand. If you get the chance ask them if there's a length regulation on how long a barb can be. That would settle things on what can and cannot be used. If nothing else it might put a bug in their ear to come up with one, but then again not saying anything at all except "Yes Sir" "No Sir" is the best approach.