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Are there any Michigan Saugeye Anglers on this MB

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.. We never hear about how you guys & your methods score on our current msg boards & I for one would be very interested in how you guys go about tanglin' with those "Toothy Critters" :eek:

Luv those inland S-Eyes!!! :cool:
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I'm not sure they have any saugeyes in michigan,, but bet there are thousands of walleye chasers.

Is that who I think it is. :) When we heading out for some fishing. Havent seen your new boat yet. I havent hit a saugeye in quite some time. I hit Delaware a couple weeks ago and only managed carp lol.
Yep its me.

We'll hook up soon, I went with seevers down to deercreek this weekend to try for some Saugeye and I only got cold , Rick got a small one . there was a guy there with a couple of 4#.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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