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Are the polls accurate?

Discussion in 'Politics' started by shane1271, Sep 21, 2012.

  1. This upcoming election is very important to me.Obama doesn't have a chance in my home state, but I see he's winning in Ohio according to the polls.What's the feel like in Ohio? Do you think he's going to take Ohio as the polls are suggesting?

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  2. I have no doubt Obama will win. I really don't think it matters though. The damage is done and the culture of this country is set. No president is going to be able to fix it, because nobody will ever agree on the solution. Plus when tough decisions are needed everybody is scared to make them.

  3. Most of the polls, `1500 people are chosen, to say yea or nay.
  4. Boy... no offense, but are you always so negative about America?

    What "damage" do you refer to and what is wrong with our "culture"?
  5. Romney

    Romney is an excellent business man. He can get us back on the right track.


    If America only knew....

    Will America be lost because noone had the guts to expose Obama?

    The best Obama exposure site on the net:

    The Obama File

    The United States Library of Congress has selected for inclusion in its historic collection
    of Internet material

    Just a few of the pages:
  6. Have you ever thought that running a nation of 350 million people might be different than running a company with a few dozen employees?

    But then again.... he does think that he should fire the 47% of citizens that are under-performing in his eyes.