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Are cross-bows cheating?

Discussion in 'Ohio Whitetail Deer Hunting' started by eyetaker, Dec 18, 2002.

  1. YES.

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  2. NO.

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  1. I feel that unless you have an injury that would prevent you from hunting with a compound, long, or recurve bow that shooting a deer with a scope and bow that is alreadly at full draw is cheating. What do you all think? Isn't the reason we bow hunt for the "thrill of the hunt" and the skill required to bring a bow back to full draw on an exstremely intelligent animal? It just doesn't seem as sporting to me.
  2. Lance

    Lance Super Mod Mod

    changing perspective

    I use to feel extremely strong about this with the same view as you do. Anymore however, with the numbers of hunters remaining steady or falling here in Ohio I think we need all of the friends in the field we can get. I don't think scopes should be allowed but beyond that....... Do I use one? no not on your life but with the 65% let-off compunds these days I'm not sure that crossbows offer are THAT much an advantage on the holding at full draw unless of course your in extremely tighte quarters or you feel the need to play he-man and shoot your compound at #70+ draw weight. I clean kill can easily be made with #40 draw so in essence your only required to hold back as little as 15 lbs. Those are my thoughts, being we're in land of the crossbow it should be interesting to hear what others think.

  3. I am new to this sight, just wanted to say hi and add my .02. I am new to Ohio. I transfer from 3 years of zero hunting in Hawaii and was lookin forward to breakin out my guns and gettin a deer. I was not happy when i found out the Gun season was only 7 days. Now not everyone has the time to spend to become proficient with a compound... i know i dont. I dont see what the problem with crossbows being used is. Do you not have to be a skilled hunter to get a deer with one?? i think not. All hunting takes skill and time in the woods. is it slightly easier to shoot than a compound?? yes it is. A match-grade trap gun is easier to hit a bird with than a walmart 870, but i dont see anyone complain about that. i beleive Ohio allows using a Xbow because the gun season is so short. Other states are changeing there view about Xbows, Pennsylvania for one.
    Its a good debate and i dont want to ruffle anyone but you should ask all the darn out of range deer (over 30 yards) i have seen this year if i have a unfair advantage.
    I am a ethical hunter, always have been. Everyone is entitled to an answer to all the "holier than thow "bow" hunters" is...if your using anything with wheels and pullys... that gives YOU a unfair mechanical advantage. So unless you shoot a long/recurve and wear mocassins....your not a REAL bow man. See my argument is just as silly as any other out there....the more ethical people we have in the woods...the better no matter what kind of weapon they choose....PETA are the ones we should be fighting, not legal hunters.
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  4. Crossbows are by no means as "difficult" to use as are compounds, longbows or recurves. I dont feel here in Ohio it is cheating because the ODNR regulates what is ethical in a given season. The misconception seems to be that hunters are allowed to use crossbows during bow season, when in actuality it is bow season and crossbow season. I personally hunt with both compound bows and longbows. I have never hunted with a crossbow. My hunting partner however does. He is an ethical hunter, takes only high percentage shots, and generally kills what he shoots at. He loves to be in the woods without the slug guns, he just doesnt enjoy archery enough to put in the time to be proficient with bows.
  5. I am not against ethical hunters using a crossbow. I am however
    not in favor of those hunters who are lazy, and unethical who chose to hunt with a crossbow only to extent the gun season.
    There are many archery organizations that are anti -crossbow.
    The PBS is, I believe is the most vocal. They say that crossbow hunters take away the quality of bowhunting from bowhunters.
    I have not found that to be the case 99% of the time. I hunt on public land exclusively and very rarely run into someone with a crossbow. It would seem there are more bowhunters than crossbow hunters.

  6. well,i'm new here but i'm gonna put in my .02cents worth.
    1st off, i just basically left the bowsite because of all of the crossbow arguments that are constantly going on over there.all it does is create bad feelings and ruin a good site.i sure hope that doesn't happen here.making friends,sharing info,stories,and tips are what these sites should be all about.
    i do use a crossbow,i have for many years now(it's an old pse).i enjoy using it and have taken a good many deer with it.
    do i feel like i'm "cheating" by using it? not at all.
    i do alot of practicing with it.not just flat shooting but from the same height as my stand.that is the result of making a shot that wasn't what i wanted the 1st year i hunted with it.there have been years that i haven't hunted when the season rolled around because i didn't have the time(because of work) to practice shooting or do the amount of scouting i like to do.if i can't put in the time that i feel is necessary before the season i simply won't hunt.
    through the years i have gotten permission to hunt alot of private farm land.but i got it by baling alot of hay and straw and doing some other work for the landowners.i always take them some of what i harvest from their land as well as some mushrooms and fish throughout the's just my way of saying thank you to them.
    the weapon that someone uses really doesn't concern's how they conduct themselves while they are using it that really matters.
    hunt safe!
  7. jeffmo,
    I too am getting tired of the elitest crap over at the bowsite, especially on the Leatherwall. I am a traditional shooter but, i'm tired of being dogged cause I shoot aluminum, and carbon arrows. or cause I use an elevated rest and do not shoot off the shelf.

  8. bowsite

    I spend more time out doors than on the computer so some one please explain whre or what 'bowsite" everyone is talking about. Thanks in advance. -Kevin
  9. Kevin,
    Bowsite is a website that is strictly archery.
    If you go there Click on interactive to get to the forums.

  10. It' legal

    To each their own.Whatever your preference is, have at it.I am an X-Bow user and still have to be able to get deer in range,be clean,hang stands in proper location,play the wind and so on.I feel it lets people who ordinarily wouldn't hunt with a commpound a chance to experience what bow hunting has to offer.
    We need ethical hunters in numbers to keep the sport alive regardless of the weapon.
  11. I dont feel that hunting with a crossbow is cheating. I also know by now not to debate it's merits with anybody on the net.:D
  12. This is just my opinion.....I feel that crossbow users are archer want to be's. It takes 20 mins. to sight them in and then they claim they can out shoot everyone. Why do you think archery clubs don't have crossbows in them...they are not archers. I know people will be coming on here from other sites to whine about how great they are and how we are not giving them a chance and I don't have time to shoot. They where brought to this state for handicap hunters who can't shoot a reg. bow. Then all the people would whine and then instead of listening to the people complaining they can't shoot a bow. The law allowed them in and now they whine , because they can't get into clubs with them. I think they are a gun and should only be used in gun season. I'm sorry if I affended anyone, just save it and get a real bow.

    I'm stepping down now off my soapbox.:D
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  13. :rolleyes: That is the reason it is pointless to discuss the issue.:D
  14. And the debate is on

    I am not a wannabe,the proof is on wall and in the freezer.What is the big deal when I can blast 5 deer in this state with a gun? Who is they?You're not lumping me in there are you? If you feel that pasionately about it,get the laws changed.

    Better get the "archers" on the net cause you're falling behind in the poll!
    Nut is right:)
  15. I dont care for em and dont shoot em but they are legal and we need the numbers. Xbow and Bowhunters need to stick together.

  16. I guess for the sake of selling more lic. and getting money for the outdoors. Shoot away.:D

    If you did notice, It's my opinion of how I feel about the subject and everyone is entitled to there opinion.:rolleyes:
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  17. You gotta love it eh Desperado?
  18. Nut hit the nail on the head!!
    Just for you Desperado, i came up with my own 5 step program.

    Hi my Name is Mitch and i use a crossbow.
    I am not a Archer
    I am a Hunter
    I promise not to attempt to infiltrate any archery clubs.
    I promise not to whine about not enough time to practice.
    At last but not least...I promise not to tell any more elitest "archers" to shut up and put on their mocasins.

  19. Hi I am new here and really don't want to get any one mad but my opinion on cross bows is this I think they are great. If it was not for the cross bow I would not be able to hunt in the archery season for I can not pull a bow string back and hold it there. I have a medical condition that prevents me .So if not for the cross bow my season for deer would only be 1 week long. It brings more people into hunting.
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