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Archery World Record Mule Deer-

Discussion in 'Out of State Hunts' started by Deehntr56, Sep 7, 2012.

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    Heck of a Deer!

    A great mule deer just hit the dirt this past week that could rock the archery world. Bowdy Gardner was bowhunting public land in Southern Utah and was hunting in an area not many hunters would venture in to, Bowdy arrowed what could possible be a new world record typical mule deer.

    Of course things are early, but the green score has come in at 226 gross and 220 net. That clearly would put it as the biggest archery buck ever. However, he will do some shrinking after the 60 day drying period. If Bowdy is interested in having a shot at the coveted World Record spot with Pope & Young the velvet would have to be stripped, which will cause some more shrinkage. Looking at this buck, he is a giant, and has some room to work with. What a beautiful muley.

    We will keep you posted on the outcome and any changes to the score.

    UPDATE: Corrected hunter’s name. Hunter is Bowden Gardner. Jeremy Chamberlain was the guide on the hunt. Jeremy had been watching this buck the past three years, this being the fourth year. Tried to get this buck out of a blind, but incredible enough Bo shot this buck from a treestand.

    Cabela’s Deer Nation was down in Southern Utah filming this hunt. They have some great footage of this buck. See video below. Crazy enough, the film crew ended up leaving before the hunt was over and ended up missing the kill.
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  2. :yikes::thumbs_up::thumbs_up::thumbs_up:

  3. that thing is a PIG! I would love to even see a muley like that!!!

    Not detracting from the guy's success, but for some reason, I think I recall seeing that picture a couple of year's ago. I could be wrong, though...just looks familiar.
  4. Now that I think about it, I may be might have been a monster elk bull I recall seeing. Can't remember. Again, I don't want to detract from anyone's good fortune.
  5. GIANT!! :yikes::yikes::yikes:
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    They said it ws taken in South Utah-which surprised me a little bit. Some great muley's and Elk are taken every year up in the Uninta Mountains, up North.