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Archery Shoots In Ohio

Discussion in 'Ohio Whitetail Deer Hunting' started by Hoytme2, Dec 31, 2002.

  1. Would like to watch a couple shoot and possible get involved. Deer camp boys, are any of you involved in those shoots like Doodleboy. Would be cool to all get together at one during the off season. Just a suggestion. Also does anybody have any ino on when and where these shoot are held?
  2. there are shoots every sunday somewhere in ohio.we usually shoot sidney,bellefontaine and rushcreek.these are local shoots but would like to try some in other areas.go to the other sight and look under 3D shoots.they have a list there.that would be cool if we could all hook up and shoot some 3D.its addictin.

  3. Hoytme, have you ever shot Field & Stream outside of Findley?
  4. yea forgot about feild and stream.that would be about a good one to meet i said earlier get with you and hook up
  5. I remember every Sunday hitting 30 3d shoots in Michigan. I would like to do that again locally!
  6. whats up WICK you been out huntin anymore.ITHOYTS, HOYTME and i have been talkin about hookin up and doin some 3D shootin.that would be cool all of the DEER CAMP BOYS hookin up and doin some 3D shootin this summer
  7. Hey Wick, if we do the Field & Stream shoot sometime you can always drive to my place and then I can drive from there. That way you would'nt have to do all the driving. I go to Apache & Ross County once a year, I'll let you know when i'm going if your interested.
  8. ross county and apache.hey i would be interested in shootin them too.let me know and will hook uo also
  9. you can count me in too, would love to shoot 3D with you all. Hey you guys can come to our 3d shoot too at Logan County Archers.:)
  10. We need to try to find some shoots where all the guys here can go and shoot together.;)

    Where in logan is the shoot held? I like to shoot at Broken Arrow in Newark.
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  11. it is held at the logan county fish and game on state route 68.north of bellefontaine ohio
  12. Man this sure sounds fun,I like your idea desperado,But lets wait intill it warms up alittle bit.Maybe we could all hook up at Logan county archers since it seems to be in the middle for everyone.Unless we could find another shoot that will be kind of in the middle for everybody that wants to go and shoot.Sounds fun most of the 3-d shoots will start in march but there area few around during jan. and feb.
  13. hey ITHOYTS, HOYTME and WICK what you all up to. have a good NEW YEAR.hey WICK you gettin rid of your cold .sure hope so .there is FINDLAY, UPPER SANDUSKYand a shoot in LIMA we might be able to hook up at.
  14. Your right I would like to shoot with it being a little warmer. :D
  15. that is a good idea.maybe then i can hit goin to join us too DESPERADO.more than welcome to come and shoot with us as long as you dont kick our butts too bad:D
  16. hey ITHOYTS how did your arrows fly good i you like the feathers better than the vanes
  17. Gonna shoot them when I get home tonight ! I can't wait. I took a shot out of the stand todat before I got down, because I haven't shot in a while and I like the result. :D

  18. I wanna be a tracker like you bodoodle !
  19. keep goin youll make it
  20. Ar you gonna get out this weekend for rabbits??? I will be trying back home with hoytme in Defiance county for that elusive wall hanger they've been seeing back there!