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Anyone still turkey hunt?

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Where are the reports? I hunted carroll County Sunday. Birds started hamming non stop at 5:50 am and didn't stop till 9:30. They're henned up really good right now. Responded to every call just refused to leave the hens. Looks wet again next weekend. Hopefully these hens will start to nest 馃. Heard 5 shots in the distance.
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Caught me one of them longbirds down in Adams County!


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Wow...look at those hooks!
Awesome! He鈥檚 a trophy!
Congrats! One of those end of the season monsters!
That's a good one. Congrats
No pictures of last night's turkey meal but we made lettuce wraps with ground turkey . Turned out really good . You can buy the lettuce wrap sauce in the Asian food section of many grocery stores . Just follow their instructions. But it's a good way to utilize wild turkey meat .

I ran my 3 western birds thru the grinder to make burger fir lettuce wraps and tacos .
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